A Few Step to Lost Some More Weight

No matter how busy we are but our health still important! But the more important is health with good looking that is the reason why many people care about their weight.

In my previous article I have written about the lost weight throught drinking black coffee and lemon and today i will show an other tip to lost weight for anyone who don’t drink coffee or dislike coffee and lemon because its taste might a bit difficult to drink.

The way to lost weight is simple as you may never think about but it really work with me as I tried and lost 1kg per week, don’t believe you can try it as below.

Started from the begining of 2011, I have used the simple tips as below:

1-Everyday at the morning, before everything after get up I drink a glass of water (this must be only water) and after that I have done something such water the crop and flower. It take me about 20 minutes to water all of my crop and flower which can perspire me. And after that I drink an other glass of water and take a litter rest until my body is out of sweat then I go to bath and work.

2-Before every of my breakfast, lunch, and dinner I always drink a glass of water as well. This make me not to eat much food as I used to eat because my stomach is already almost full with water. But it bring me to get hungry before the next eating time. But I try not to eat something unless I can’t bear with it, in this case you should be careful because it can cause you to get stomachach.

3-Simple as other use to have is avoide to eat something like butter and fat and as well as something which is too salty because all of these thing will bring you fat.

It’s really work with me and hope it will work with all of my friend here as well, good luck.

Please remember that to loss weight need, you need to be more patient and willing to lost it.

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