Advent and Weight Loss Diet

Many people enjoy the fasting period, considering that this time they will be spiritually clean and will be easier to lose weight. However, fasting and dieting are two totally different things, not to be confused or associated.

The difference between fasting and weight loss diet

Fasting is the physical and spiritual cleansing, repentance, bodily self-control, while weight-loss regime is to reduce the number of calories in the diet, so calorie intake be less than calories burned. Eventually, fasting may be, medically speaking, associated with detoxification, but not a weight loss diet.

Fasting is about eating less, not to eat food products of animal origin, but this does not mean that you lose weight. On the contrary, there is a risk that due to high intake of carbohydrates (potatoes, pickles, bread, cereals, etc.) to gain weight just because the lack of protein, you will have a tendency to eat larger quantities of food. 

It is possible that in the first days of fasting to lose weight because of less abrupt transition from low-fat diet to a plant, but the body gets used quickly and will soon regain lost weight.

Weight loss diet must be customized

A weight loss diet must be customized to provide the person who keeps the required number of calories. There’s no purpose in eating double portions of food.

In addition, many products have nutritional value as high as frupt foods. So do not get misled. Fasting food is not always devoid of fat or calories.For example, vegetable pastries are between 200 and 300 calories, meaning as much as a chicken liver pate. Also doia cheese has the same number of calories as a boiled egg, which means you can consume the fasting products, you can have high expectations, but results will not occur.

It is very important when you want to lose weight to follow a diet recommended by a nutritionist after a consultation. This is especially recommended if you suffer from certain diseases such as bulimia, diabetes, liver or metabolic diseases.

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