America, The Great, The Proud, The Round

Great tips and tricks to get yourself in shape and motivated! What’s stopping you?

Have you ever told yourself that today was the day? the day that you will start a life changing path to a slender or athletic body building routine but never got to it?

You’re not alone. In America around 38% of adults aged 20+ are overweight. But what does that have to do with anything? You want to lose weight, not hear about stats.

Well here’s why i brought that up. Because there are so many others that are overweight, you would probably think to yourself.

“Well I’m not as big as the next guy, and I’m okay with that.”And that is okay, If you were not planning to do anything with that extra baggage anyway.

However i believe that if you want to get anywhere you need to switch up that mindset. The first step to making any changes at all in your life starts with motivation, if you’re lacking that let me ask you. what’s getting you up in the morning everyday?

Just to wake up to the same thing, just a different day?

If you want great motivation. look towards end results. Calculate how long it will take to achieve said goals. and start the countdown of how many days left until the routine is finished.

For instance let’s say you want to lose 20, 40, or 60 pounds even. there’s your goal, now how great would you look if you trimmed that fat off? Amazing I’m sure.

End results, How friends or family will view you with awe, how greater things would be when going anywhere or being the cause of rubber necking that group of people in the car passing by.

It all starts with you, and ends with the new you. Motivation is the key to everything. So tell me what ignites the flame in your eyes?

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