Analysis of Victoria Beckham’s Diet Secrets

Victoria Beckham has been criticized for maintaining too low of a body weight. Is there anything positive to be learned from her diet secrets?

She seems impossibly thin and has even been rumored to have an eating disorder. Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice, has managed to take weight loss to new levels.

While reaching a body weight as low as Victoria’s should never be advocated due to the dangers of malnutrition, there may be secrets she can share that could be incorporated into a sensible weight loss plan. The important point to remember is that calorie restriction and exercise should be done in moderation and not taken to extreme levels which can have serious health consequences.

That being said, what are the Victoria Beckham diet secrets that have allowed her to reach her low body weight and what can we learn from them when practice in moderation?

Victoria Beckham Exercise Secret: Sit-ups

Victoria Beckham admits to doing a series of two hundred sit-ups each day to maintain toned abdominals. Toned abdominals are obviously important to her since she appears in the public eye wearing some extremely form fitting outfits.


Two hundred sit-ups per day would seem a bit extreme. Plus, if she does the same series of exercises every day, her body will eventually adjust and stop showing improvements in muscle tone. It would be better to incorporate sit-ups into a more diverse abdominal exercise routine incorporating a variety of exercises targeting upper and lower abdominals. It also should be remembered that you can’t spot reduce. Abdominal exercises won’t remove abdominal fat. Aerobic exercise combined with resistance training is best for this.

Victoria Beckham Diet Secret: What She Eats

Posh Spice claims to eat a diet comprised primarily of lettuce, strawberries, and edamame soy beans. She calls this her special diet plan and claims to be using it to get in shape for her upcoming reunion tour.


This diet, while low in calories, is too restrictive to maintain long term health. While the edamame does provide protein and heart healthy isoflavones and strawberries provide a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, her diet is not diverse enough to maintain optimal nutritional status. A smarter choice would be to add a variety of high volume, lower calorie fruits and vegetables along with some protein rich foods such as eggs and fish which have omega 3 fatty acids. She also needs to add some whole grain foods to her diet to increase her daily fiber intake.

Victoria Beckham Diet Secret: Tea

Victoria Beckham was seen sipping tea on her eleven hour flight to Los Angeles. When questioned, Victoria attributed her low body weight to the tea she drinks on a regular basis which she describes as a peppermint tea. She reportedly drank this throughout the entire flight without consuming any food.


While tea can be a healthy drink, a person who wishes to incorporate some of Posh Spice’s diet secrets into their fitness plan should consider adding green tea as opposed to peppermint tea. Green tea not only has positive effects on the metabolism but also has cancer preventive properties.

Drinking tea may also have a suppressive effect on the appetite. While drinking tea is a healthy activity, eleven hours without food is an unhealthy move on the part of Victoria Beckham. Not is she not supplying her body with essential fuel and nutrients, she’s also potentially sending her body into starvation mode, causing her metabolism to slow down.

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  1. very informative – thanks!

  2. Im going to start her diet .
    Its obviously works.
    Shes gorgeous,

  3. peppermint tea reduces androgen levels. victoria beckham has pcos, a condition characterized by weight gain and androgen excess. it’s most likely a health remedy, not a diet, that helps reduce weight that she would gain because of high male hormone levels.

  4. peppermint tea *IS* good for you, sure, maybe not metabolism-boosting like green, but it’s good for lots of things-from headaches to digestion!

  5. whatever she is doing, I’ll try it. She is gorgeous and obviously healthy enough to get, and maintain her pregnancies thrice, so good for her and I’ll write back in a few weeks to tell you if the strawberry edamame thing worked for me. Cheers

  6. i guess it works she is very slim but she doesnt look ill…and beside she wouldnt be having kids if she would be ill..she balances her hormons and she looks great..I will def try her diet and i personally would like to some more tips from her..Im a mother just like victoria and im slim but im careful what i eat and this doesnt make me anorexic so she is not anorexic too…well done Victoria youre my inspiration!

  7. a must-try diet for sure! thanks for the information. I myself have taken notes. And i don’t think she is anorexic and ill or else she wouldn’t be able to have three healthy children! I think she manages to balance everything out. She might be eating less or whatever, but whatever she eats is right and healthy. She’s fine.

  8. her diet is not as unbalanced as this article makes it appear to be…she also eats lots of protein derived from sea algae and other kelp, in addition to her other “diet tips” referenced in the article…why do people write such erroneous and incorrect garbage?? indeed, she IS healthy enough to sustain more than her own life, and not all women who are thin are anorexics.

  9. She is great, She is the most photographed woman in the world and on the way to becoming the most powerful celebrity on the planet! I am starting her diet on Monday, I cant wait, oh and also she eats lots of sea vegetables and kelp and algea so she is recieving lots of vitamins, minerals and amino acids from these. (sea vegetables available in Holland and Barret everyone)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to look skinny, healthy and toned!

  10. ohh tell me more

  11. i think she\’s sexy, and she got that way by eating…eating the right thing. unlike the supermodles we all know of that\’s into drugs and vomitting…peace out to all the healthy ones.

  12. It sounds a bit scetchy…but it gave me a focus. Edamame are really good for you and I could use more of them in my diet. Anyway…sounds like alot of the other diets i have read. There is no magic cure….remember…she works out for about 3 hours a day. How many of us do that????

  13. This woman looks incredible. I’d give anything to look like her! Not bad for a mommy of 3!

  14. She may drink peppermint tea to help with bad breath from not eating as well….?

  15. She’s cute, and healthy ^_^

  16. she cute but she needs to eat a little more!!! you can see a little to much bone for me.

  17. I think she looks very well. people say that shes anorexic, shes not healthy well thats probably unhappy people say that because they wish too look like her. Personally i dont think she eats junk food, shes eating foods that contain vitamins and minerals. She eats foods that we are designed for. well done Victoria! She became a great example for many woman. Shes beautiful, healthy and fantastic business woman. British economy made a lot of money because of her.

  18. I love you victoria, and you are my inspiration ;p

  19. i think she looks amazing! good on her! fair enough her diet may not be recommened, but shes still doing ok on it!!! i think she should do a daily diary on her exercise and her diet so people can look as good as her and be healthy!

  20. She is skiny, but not healthy. Her skin is not healthy. She wants attention and she does get it every day. If she is the most photographed women in the world does not make her such diva. You can get photographed for many reason. She is very egoist women and her goal is to be focused. Again good for her, but people please do not glorify her for nothing. There are hundred womens in the world skiny, beaty (she is not) smart and friendly. Please, please this is the women who is not beaty, not smart, not talented. What she does? She exercise to be focused. … please stop it.

  21. i will do anything to be as skinny as her she looks fantastic sod whatever the press say about her there just jealous

  22. What is the break down of when she eats and how much?

  23. victoria beckham looks disgusting. she is a poor example to the young girls who look up to her.

  24. i am definatly goin 2 try her diet,she looks FANTASTIC.But i’d like more details about the diet x

  25. the diet is absolutley ridiculous no wonder there is so many people in the world with eating disorders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Her diet is scary and unhealthy, she is the poster child for eating disorders. Trust me, you ladies don’t want to get an eating disorder, I am in recovery for it and it can ruin your life (i.e. you can die and other bad things)

  27. tbh i just think you guys are all jealous. i say: fat is ugly, do what ever it takes to be thin. nobody likes a fattyyyyy :)
    and “BIG IS BEAUTIFUL” – what a croc.

  28. she is just the weight i would love to be,, maybe a little more fat on my bones?????

  29. Hey Victoria is 34/35 and had 3 children, I think she looks Great even though a few extra pounds wouldnt hurt her either. Im 40 and an X model, Ive never exercised as yet But am looking to change my diet to a healthier one as Ive always eaten what Ive wanted and in large portions too !!! so I shall be taking and using a few of those diet tips she has – Thanks Victoria keep up the good work !!!

  30. Im 15 size 10 / 12 but am desperate to become size 6
    i have tried everything but cant seem to get any weight off !
    im going to try the lemon diet and victorias Diet
    i want to look like her so much and Get to Size 6 and BE HAPPY FINALLY :)

  31. megan, we all will be happy after death:)) amen.

  32. victoria’s diet cannot be called an unhealthy one since she takes a specific amount of nutrients i would like to try it and see if i could loose weight as easily as she has without looking anorexic

  33. FOR GOD’S SAKES, GIRLS!!! Focus on being HEALTHY instead of just SKINNY. Are you all so brainwashed by goofy magazines and clothing/cosmetics companies that you can’t see beauty in the diversity of body types out there? Stop drinking the “Kool-Aid” and wake up! You ARE beautiful! Quit letting the demented rodeo-clowns that run the media (mostly men, by the way) tell you how much you should weigh, what size you should be, what you should eat, etc.!!! RECLAIM YOUR LIVES, already. You’ll be a lot more interesting, and interesting = sexy.

  34. shes beautifull , her diet works gr8 for her & she’s obviously health , im 5′11 & 8 stone , bt stil a size 10…. bt id luv to b as skinny as she is , shes js so peng…..!

  35. i think women should love ier body no matter what and if theres a problem they should change it they don’t like it and victoria is only changng what she doen’t like about her body.
    I think victoria is beyond in shape and she should not lose anymore weight and maybe it’s just stupid hollywood just talking.
    L.A. wants every women to think their either fat or anorexic.
    when are you gonna see beautiful women for whom they really are.

  36. Fantastic? Are you all mad and blind too? She is stick thin…no figure, just a stick! How unattractive is that??? I think everyone is just blinded by this new ’size 0′ charade..that everyone thinks is healthy and normal….it isn’t…my god, WAKE UP! What is wrong with you all? I find her awful to look at…a skeleton! She was far better before! What man wants to lie on top of that? Nothing short of a corpse! My man said if I looked like that he’d book me in to rehab! Seriously girls,,please see how Victoria Beckham looks is not how a woman should look! She looks undernourished and weak! I feel gutted for the young girls (and even some women) these days that think they have to look like her! It is so sad. It makes me feel sick! Even David Beckham claims to have said that he wishes she’d get her curves back! She has the body of a 10 year old skinny prepubescent girl…yuk, who in the world (in their right mind), as a women would want to look like that?

  37. And Katie Price is even worse! I wish you’d all stop for a moment and realise these skinny celebs all have mental problems! They are in the public eye so much they are screwed up and think they have to look this way! Yes, as someone said above, Victoria Beckham, and others like her, are a poor example to this young female generation! My god it is worrying! One last point. One thing I find very, very disturbing is that if you go into any store these days to buy clothes in the size 10 ‘you are’ it is a very tough job! These days the once upon a time ’size 10′ is no longer that! Women can get very depressed as they think they must be fat as they are now needing a size 12 or even 14! That is because sizes have gotten smaller. That once size 10 is now a size 6 – 8! A size 6 – 8 is now a size 0! I was always, always a size 8-10 and now I have to mainly buy size 12! But…I am NO bigger than I was 10 years ago…that is the funny thing! Clothes designers are evil and also have a problem! FOR THE LADIES AND GIRLS THAT DON’T GIVE A STUFF ABOUT SIZE 0 SKELETONS…WELL DONE, I SALUTE YOU ALL!

  38. lol @ we’ll be happy after death amen haha!

    each to there own if your not happy with yourself do something about it! I learnt the hard way once I reached my goal I got ill and ate anything and everything which didnt contribute to all the hard work and effort I put in! I piled on the pounds and was back to square one! needless to say there is no miracle pill! once you fall off the strict regime you will definitely pile it back on! moral of the story eat clean and healthy, exercise it’s as simple as that!

    Treat your body like a temple, respect your body and love yourself, once you accept that everything will follow in harmony.

  39. This article has a few great pointers but I want to address this to the younger girls reading this article. Don’t take this diet word for word. I promise it will backfire. The calorie restriction is too drastic and the body will force you to binge. The trick is to look at what you eat now and substitute the bad stuff for some of the good ones mentioned. (ex: cut out the soda and add the tea.) Also eating on a 9-inch plate will automatically help you eat less. Snack every few hours in b/w your meals on things like fruits or even the soybeans. I never add to my food things like salt or sugar. If I must add flavor I use lemon juice or honey. Remember girls we all have very different frames…she is naturally not very curvy. This tips will help and the weight will fall off I promise. I would know. I’m a size 00 and I eat 3 full meals and at least 3 snacks- all healthy and fresh. I never let myself get hungry and neither should you.

  40. well am starting vics diet right tomo, will start and try reaching 200push ups too. lets c how this works, cant wait to be as skinny as vic…..

  41. well i think she is to skinny i also think she needs to get a grip of hr life and put on sum weight she looks horribly skinny …. more like a skeliton it is a horrible sight to look at ….. i think she is setting a bed ecsapple of her younger fans that want to look like her …. it is pretty pithetic …. sorry for the spelling im not that good but i think you all understand what i mean ….thanx for reading ……

  42. nt beying funny she dose look bonniiee
    bit she is 2 skinny :/
    eavry 1 wants 2 b thing but tht is taking it 2 farrr
    and if ppl think looking lyk tht is good it not
    tht taking it 2 far
    id rather hace a bit of beef on me thn looking tht thing :)

  43. this site doesnt come with all the horrible side effects listed does it?
    survere bloating
    massive mood swings
    endless lists of people nagging you to get help
    best friends black mailing you, saying that they wont talk to you ever again if you dont get help
    heart pulpitations
    loosing friends becaise of it, and family members
    not being able to go out, i.e, drinking with friends, enjoying life
    gaining weight after starving for three days, trust me, ive been through this, i still am in denial that i dont have an eating disorder, but when i notice the side effects i start to believe that its ruiening my life, please stay safe, and eat healthy.
    think twice please, its hell

  44. Obviously her metabolism has not slowed down…

    Could it be that she is using a diet pill known as phentermine, known to curb one’s appetite?

  45. Personally, I believe Mrs. Beckham looks totally fab and fit, and if she did have an eating disorder, which I highly, highly doubt, her husband has the ability, as well as the responsibility to make sure she receives the best possible care. It could very well be that she is a vegetarian, which makes digestion easier than a meat diet.

    Anyway, if VB chose not to consume the airline food, who could blame her?

  46. What a load of rubbish!! The key to being healthy is having a well balanced diet and that includes carbs – they are not evil and are the body’s main source of energy. The rule is simple, the more energy you eat the more you need to expend!
    Regardless if she eats meat or not, her digestion will only be good if she eats a lot of fibre and has a well balanced diet.
    Her earlier photos in her Spice Girl days showed a healthy and more fuller figure, so this trashes the fact she is “naturally” skinny. Sadly she has put this pressure on her self as she tries to fit into the fashion world!
    Long term she is risking dental problems due to her lack of carbohydrates, osteoporosis and no doubt a long list of other negative health issues.
    As for exercise, due to her lack of energy intake, I very much doubt she has much to expend and is permanently exhausted, hence her love of dark glasses!
    She no doubt has a lot of assisted help with her day to day tasks allowing her to survive on so little calories to maintain this look. Surely quality of life is more important and feeling and looking healthy. What is wrong with being like Beyonce or Catherine Jenkins, who are both beautiful women. Sadly Miss B have created a look she feels she has to upkeep!

  47. hey, im beverly i weigh 53 kilos and im 5.7. ad im not comfortable with my figure. i always look at victorias pics and admire her figure. she is great i love her so much

  48. Apprently her new diet is what she’s calling ‘The 3 bite diet’ which as you can probably guess means she has three small bites of each meal and thats it. She says it works… I would be surprised if it didnt, she would not be eating nearly enough! It’s silly and dangerous for her health. She should not be a role model for women, she is dangerously skinny and doesn’t look healthy at all.

  49. Victoria Beckham does look very good, she has an incredible dress sense, lovely hair and good skin. However, i cannot help but think she would look even better if she just had a bit more meat on her bones! She looks rather bony in a lot of her pictures and its no surprise looking at this diet plan that she has, She needs to eat more and she would definitely look better for it. Bless her and everything because she is a nice person but there is skiny and there is scrawny, and she is looking rather scrawny. I wouldn’t advise this diet plan, take some of it into account-like the tea for example. But, there are much better ones out there.

    Still, you have to admire the willpower of the woman.

  50. shes quiet stong as in that she has some will power to saty that thin she must really never eat

  51. I would love to be that thin and will start this diet as soon as I finish the Master Cleanse that I am on now..

    I will be thin.

  52. She looks horrible, way too skinny! I would never want to look like her. Also, it\’s just as unhealthy to be obese, as it is to be as skinny as she!

  53. I am Literally dying to be thin. I have been heavy all of my life and I am 48. I have always been healthy and then I decided to lose weight. So I lost 148lbs and still want to lose 30 more I know that that won\’t be enough. I have now come to the point my body does not want to give and at first did it healthy, now I starve literally. I may have a cracker or a bite of peanut butter for all day but thats it. I want to look like a size 10 or 8 so bad but I have never been under a size 16 in my entire life. Losing weight can be a sickness becareful what you wish for because I will dye wanting this!!!!!

  54. Yes, I Betty Catalina have lost 80 pounds on Puh Erh tea. It doesn’t just work, it works exceptionally well. Puh Erh tea has always been a Barcelona modeling secret, it’s often used by runway models to maintain a slim body. It beats having to run 9 miles per day to get into a picture perfect bikini body that requires minimal air brushing. Mrs. Beckham’s tips on weight loss are amazing, they work quite well.

  55. I

  56. THE TRUTH: As a modeling instructor, healthy size model, psychologist, and health freak..

    …To me she seems to be an Anorexic female that really has been taught how to maintain the bare minimum of consistant calories/portion size to have the lowest amount of fat possible, and not pass out or faint or get too tired. She nailed it! She\’s obviously a SMART ANOREXIC.

    And thats a lifestlye choice, but sad because she is a bad influence on countless women. Furthermore, I don\’t think she looks that pretty, she is much too skeletal. She probably has Body Dyspmorphic Disorder..where you look like a monster to yourself, and always striving to be perfect..thats why she is always wearing glasses to cover up her face. She also doesnt smile which prevents lines forming and sunglasses prevent lines arounds the eyes.

    I much prefer females to be slender, but toned up in an athletic look. I bet if she gains an inch of butt fat she is in the mirror checking it out. I bet she does massages, and plastic surgery to tone up loose skin after birth. My 2 cents!!

  57. Tru! Same happened to me..I have been the same size 5-6 for the last 15 yrs, Im 27, and when I buy pants, I have to look at size 8-10….WTF! I said it has def. changed! I havent..I have the same sized hips..that just sad. The designers have changed the sizes in order to make millions of women LOSE WEIGHT to fit in the smaller sizes BECAUSE the pants cost the same despite size but COST less to produce=higher profits!!

  58. I do not know, for me on some photos Victoria looks malnourished. Maybe she exaggerates with its diet

  59. I LOVE HER BOBY =(

  60. Dominique, so what happened? Did Victoria’s diet work for you?
    Tell us your experience. It’s 2012 now!

  61. Dominique, so what happened? Did Victoria’s diet work for you?
    Tell us your experience. It’s 2012 now!

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