Another Way to Reduce Your Weight

So many ways to reduce overweight such as pills, diet, physiotherapy, surgery, etc. But this way is also effective and harmless.

I was 77 kg before I went to India. I was overweight for about 4 kg. It was not convenient since all of my trousers became teeming and I was not as brisk as before untill I had to live in India. Fortunately, I lived with a family which was vegetarian people (because they are Brahmin). In consequence, to give my respect (though I’m moeslem), I asked my wife to follow them to become a vegetarian.

Daily, me, my wife, and my little son ate rice, vegetables, and various kinds of beans. Although vegetarian people can drink milk, we didn’t drink that. Instead of drank milk, We just drank sweet black tea once per two days. This new habit made me and my wife could reduce our weight drastically. I got 60 kg after 4 months stayed in India, it meant I successfully reduced my weight until 17 kg. And my wife was also reduced for about 10 kg.

During that moment, we didn’t feel unwell, limp, and another negative symptoms. Contrarily, we felt fresher and healthier. I was wondering at that time for what happening and I searched information regarding nutritions in vegetables and beans which I consumed them daily. Surprisingly, they have the same nutritions as meat or fish though they have different on their amount. And the most important things is vegetables and beans are low on fats. So that they are appropriate to be consumed by people who want to take diet.

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So what was the different between my menu and a diet program? I didn’t call my activity as diet. I ate 3-4 times a day with the normal portions as regular. I didn’t reduce my rice in my plate even I added more vegetables and beans for the companion. In the morning, I got plenty breakfast with rice, vegetables, and beans the same as for my lunch, dinner, and supper. My wife also made a snack every afternoon (usually sweet cakes). But, daily, I didn’t feel hungry or being tortured by this menu. I  really enjoyed this new experience.

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The secret of my menu was coming from the vegetables and beans. They helped me to burn my fat. And by became a  vegetarian, I slowly added my fat rather than when i ate meat. So it gave a time to my body to burn the fat before it was added.

Thanks to God, because in India I could find many kind of beans (even in my country they use for feeding their birds). I just knew them for bird feeding purpose before but in India we cooked them  and produced a very nice menu. Almost all kind of beans I had ever tried to cook everyday and they were really tastyfully and rich of nutritions.

So, don’t hesitate to replace your meat menu with vegetables and beans. They are really helpful to reduce your fat.

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