Can Eating Resistant Starch Help You Lose Weight?

Foods with resistant starch could be the key to reducing overall calorie intake. Find out why.

Can eating foods high in resistant starches help you lose weight? According to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating resistant starch foods can keep you full longer so you’re less likely to head to the refrigerator to snack between meals.

What is Resistant Starch?

Resistant starches are starches that the body can’t digest. Instead of being broken down and absorbed, they pass through the intestines unchanged – having effects similar to fiber. Resistant starches are the subject of lots of studies right now, because preliminary research shows they promote satiety and reduce the rise in blood sugar people experience after a meal. Because they have fiber-like properties, they may have other beneficial effects on the intestines.

Foods with Resistant Starch: Do They Help with Weight Loss?

This study showed that when men ate a soup with added hi-maize whole grain corn flour (a form of resistant starch), it not only kept them fuller longer, but it reduced their overall calorie consumption by fifteen percent. That fifteen percent reduction in calories could lead to substantial weight loss over time. That’s not the only way foods with resistant starch help with weight control. One study showed that resistant starch boosts fat burning when consumed with a meal. It also provides a good source of fiber which also helps to reduce weight gain.

What are Some Foods with Resistant Starch?

Resistant starches are present in small amounts in a variety of starchy foods. One of the best sources is a raw potato – something most people don’t enjoy – although heating the potato reduces the amount of resistant starch. One alternative is to cook it and allow it to cool before eating it. Beans are another readily available source of resistant starch – with the highest amounts found in dried beans rather than canned. Whole grains such as bulgar and barley also have goodly amounts of resistant starch. Hi-Maize whole grain corn flour or corn starch is a resistant starch that can be used in baking to make baked goods healthier.

How to Get More Resistant Starch Foods

Most people don’t enjoy eating cold potatoes and few are motivated to spend time in the kitchen baking with Hi-Maize corn flour. For most people, the easiest way to get more resistant starch foods is by eating beans and whole grain cereals.  Enjoying a bowl of whole grain cereal in the morning and a serving of beans for lunch is doable for most people and may offer significant weight loss benefits if done consistently. Studies have shown that people who eat beans regularly are less likely to be obese. Just be sure to take some Beano.

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