Can Giving Up Bread Make You Slimmer?

We’ve all heard the rumor and it’s the biggest health fad in Hollywood. But is it safe?

The latest craze in Hollywood health wise these days is the gluten free diet. Everyone thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread (and no the irony is not lost on me). But what people don’t realise is that it is actually a very unhealthy road to take.

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See the reason people think that cutting bread out from you diet can be beneficial to your health is because some people actually have what is known as ‘gluten intolerance’ which causes slight bloating, water retention and slower digestion. When they cut out bread and gluten these side effects are lost giving the impression of weight loss and better health.

If you’ve heard of someone who gave up bread and lost weight and feels great then chances are they were gluten intolerant. However, cutting out gluten from your diet for non medicinal purposes is wreckless.

By removing gluten from your diet you are essentially removing all wheat based produce. Which can in effect cause weight GAIN. It can also cause hypoglycemic headaches from a lack of carbohydrates.  By removing carbohydrates from your diet you will of course notice an initial drop in weight seeing as you have cut out an entire food group from your eating.

If you continue to keep this food group out of your diet then you will continue to get headaches, feel sluggish and gain weight. You can gain anything up to 2 or 3 stone (28-48 lbs). 

For those who opt for the ‘gluten free’ options in their local supermarket are in an even unhealthier position. Products that belong to this range ie. free of gluten are usually much higher in both sugar and salt levels. A gluten free brand of Jaffa Cakes was found to have 7 times as much salt as the usual brand. Now that’s not healthy.

The thing about fad diets is that they are, well, just a fad. The only way to guarantee weight loss is to eat in moderation and exercise for 30 mins at least 3 times a week. If you’re interested in getting fit you should read this article here. It contains great tips to help you slim down and feel better.

Other than regular exercise and eating healthily there really is no other way to lose weight and feel better. So maybe we should stop looking at the lazy way to lose weight and get our acts together and get stuck into some good rigorous activity, what do you think?

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