Cheapest Weight Loss Supplement That Actually Works!

Less than 3p per serving!

Many years of research has concluded that the consumption of green tea can greatly increase the body’s fat loss ability. It can literally dissolve body fat. It also speeds up your metabolism, and improves your ability to exercise. As another bonus, it helps remove toxins from the blood stream. All for just 2.5 pence per serving (from a large UK supermarket)!

When food reaches the liver and small intestine, triglyceride is produced from fat and sugar. This substance is what fuels the body in its day to day activities. However, excess triglyceride is converted to lipids and driven into the body’s fat cells. This is the main way people put on weight through eating. Green tea causes enzymes to be released which dissolve excess triglyceride, therefore reducing the amount of fat stored under your skin!

Research suggests that epigallocatechin gallate (one of the substances found in green tea) stimulates the central nervous system and causes body fat to be released into the blood stream. This allows the enzymes I mentioned above to dissolve the fat as they are released. This helps remove fat already stored by the body, therefore increasing weight loss. The fat released also can be used up during exercise; increasing the possible duration of your workout.

In a study on rats, green tea was shown to greatly reduce cholesterol levels present in their blood. This may help to contribute to a healthier heart and better circulation. It also helps to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer during your lifetime due to powerful Anti-oxidants found in the plant.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend trying green tea to help you lose weight. At this super cheap price, what’s the risk? Finally, I would like to wish you all luck during your weight loss journey!

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