Day 42: Day-to-day Weight Loss

The 42nd day on my weight loss and health gain journey…I vent on the direction my weight loss has taken!

Day42 19Feb2012

My achievements:

Calories:        1590

Cardio:          10 minute interval jogging

Strength:       none

Water:           8 glasses (at least)

The past few days passed pretty much uneventful.  Thursday was the last TT body weight abs workout (Craig Ballantyne) for the week and Friday and Saturday were rest days.  So nothing exceptional happened.  I have a workout scheduled for today but I think I might skip it and do it tomorrow: I have been working the entire weekend and I honestly don’t have the energy or will power to do anything else.

A fast is also scheduled for tomorrow – following the eat stop eat lifestyle as per Brad Pilon’s ebook.  I have seen that it is not a problem – sometimes it’s even better – to do my workouts on an empty stomach so that’s okay.

Now for something that has gotten me very upset this morning:  I have actually decided that I will not weigh-in every week and that I would actually wait an entire month before I started weighing myself but I had to sneak a peak this morning:  big mistake.  I have actually put on weight! Yeah what a bummer!  2 kg to be exact – 2! (4.4lbs)  I shouldn’t have looked.  At this point I don’t want a cushy explanation as to why I’m gaining I just want it to stop!  And I thought I was doing pretty well with my lifestyle…..

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