Day15: Day-to-day Weight Loss

This is the 15th day on my journey to losing weight and getting healthy. Incidentally it is also the day I weigh-in to see my progress or lack thereof!

Day15 23Jan2012

This is it: the day I see whether the last week of dieting and exercise has paid off or not.  I weigh-in early in the morning just after I wake up and these are my results:

                                 Start                                            23Jan

weight                      85kg   (187lbs)                             86kg (189lbs)

waist                        88cm (35inch)                               88cm (35inch)

hips                          118cm (47inch)                            118cm (47inch)

So as you can see, I have actually gained weight this week – I could just scream!!, actually  I am screaming – well at least my measurementsdidn’t change! Its only been one two weeks so lets see what happens next week.

I  didn’t work out today – don’t know if it was the lack of progress or the ever growing fatigue!  hopefully tomorrow is better. Food was okay. Here is how the day went:

Calories:        1611

Cardio:           none

Strength:        none

water:            6  glasses

Oh well on to the grind – hope next weigh-in is better…

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