Day43: Day-to-day Weight Loss

The 43rd day on my journey to becoming fit, healthy and slim. I detail the ups and downs the good and bad days to give an insight into what goes on when trying to lose weight….

Day43 20Feb2012

My achievements:

Calories:             580 (fasting day)

Cardio:               Circuit training

Strength:           Circuit training

Water:               8 glasses

The biggest motivation to keep plugging away on this journey would be if I actually lost weight.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just half a kg or even just a fraction – losing at all would motivate me to go on! That is not happening now.  I have been on the scale and have actually gained 2 kg (4.4 pounds) since I started in January this year – granted it has not always gone according to plan and I have not stuck completely to the program at times, but still seeing a loss of some kind would be a great boost. 

 I am at a crossroads now – keep dieting, exercising and hope I can push through – or just eat what I want don’t exerciseand still be where I am now?  It would’ve been a no-brainer just a few weeks ago, but I have made a commitment to myself and I intend to stick with it.  I don’t think I can say I gave it a fair shot in just two months, so I’ll stick with it some more and see what happens.  Apart from not seeing any losses, I have actually realized that my energy levels are up and that my aches and pains are growing less profound.  If nothing else I guess this is a good place to be after all.

So today was my fasting day – thus the ridiculous amount of calories ingested! – and I did the TT body weight abs workout B by Craig Ballantyne.  Was not that easy this time around, although I think most of it had to do with the fact that my mindset was corrupted – no loss and all! But I got it done so there!

I can’t wait to see the scale move in the right direction – wish me luck all…

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