Diet Program Woes

Dorothy Burns from Slaton Texas has been a victim of Diet Program Woes. Dorothy joined LA Weight Loss Center and paid $675. After two months of being involved in the program and following it accordingly, she saw little of the promises the company had made to her. Dorothy thought that she would be able to just get a refund for the diet program. However, it was not as easy for her as she thought and she did not get a full refund.

I am sure there are many Dorothy stories out there. There are ways to avoid this common situation. If you are thinking about joining a diet program there are a few things that you should consider before you join.

One thing that is easy to forget when looking into a diet program is that pretty much every diet program is on a contract basis. You must stay with the program for a specific amount of time or there are penalties if you cancel your contact before the time. One thing you could do is ask for a month to month contract. This is usually costs less upfront and you can cancel your membership on any given month. Another option is to see if any of your diet programs you have in mind offer a cancel anytime without penalty charges. This option might still be a little expensive upfront, but at least you will not get charged for canceling any time you want to. Lastly, when you join a diet program no matter what kind of contract or membership you have to look out for hidden costs. There might be hidden costs like diet pills, weight loss drinks, books, pamphlets and other things. Always ask if there are other costs that are attached to the program.

When searching out different diet programs there are quite a few things to pay attention to that I would consider red flags. Take a look at their goals and expectations. Sometimes many diet programs make claims that are just unrealistic in the real world. If you think their claims sound way too promising that is a clue not to invest your money there.

Also you will want to investigate whether or not the diet pills they recommend to you are approved by the FDA. If they are not I would really do some personal research on how effective the product is and what are the side effects. Meals should be around 1200 calories. Lastly, you should find out if this diet program will teach you about lifestyle changes otherwise you are wasting your time and money.

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