Dieting? Skim Milk Satisfies Hunger Better Than Fruit Juices

Skim milk is a dieter’s best friend, not only by providing calcium, but protein that will satisfy your hunger longer.

Don’t make the same mistake that so many dieters make by avoiding dairy products. Diary products, specifically skim milk, can be a dieter’s best friend.

When dieting, it’s a balancing act to try to get enough fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains while reducing fat consumption. Skim milk meets three of those dietary requires, plus skim milk satisfies hunger better than fruit juices.

Skim milk contains protein, much more so than fruit juice. The high protein content of skim milk helpers a dieter stay feeling fuller longer, thereby eating less.

A glass of skim milk and the same size glass of most fruit juices have about the same amount of calories. Most dieters, when given a choice, opt for the glass of fruit juice for the vitamins, antioxidants and the general cool refreshment that a glass of fruit juice provides. The natural sweet flavor of fruit juices also makes it a preferred choice among dieters, but the skim milk will keep hunger at bay longer than the fruit juice will, and when those hunger pains strike, a hungry dieter is more likely to devour anything within reach.

If you are dieting, increase your intake of skim milk, especially at breakfast, and see for yourself how skim milk satisfies hunger better than fruit juices.

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