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“Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you what you are.

By: Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Don’t be dumbfounded where you read this few words. Trust me you are not unique when you’re confronted with barrage of negative comments. But rest assured these objections can be answered. Remember that most people who care will gradually change, abandoning their sabotaging stance. And assuming a more supportive position as long as you continue with your commitment to the diet.


Believe it or not, it is not uncommon that more than ever, a devoted weight loss dieter would not escape such negative comments. Beside the comment below, these are more important ones

·        “I’ve heard it all before. What makes you think this diet will is different?”

“If you eat that much you’ll gain weight!”

·        “It’s only water weight. It won’t keep coming off.”

·        “That diet doesn’t make sense. It can’t be good for you.”

Having presented you with a quick bird’s eye view, let’s discover more. OK?

Challenge Number 1: “I’ve heard it all before. You’ve tried everything. What makes you think this diet will is different?”

 It’s true, most of us have tried other ways of losing weight.  We can also see that, to friends and family, our initial enthusiasm looks much the same as that which they have seen in the past. Some people have found its best not to try to defend or to explain, whereas others have been able to enlist support from friends and family by making an explanation. It’s your call but if a preliminary attempt to explain falls on deaf ears, you may find it best to stop explaining and devote your energy to working at your diet instead

That said, let move along to challenge number. Alright?

Challenge Number 2: “If you eat that much you’ll gain weight!” or “if you eat that much food                  you’ll never lose weight!’

Given how most diets work, such reactions are hardly surprising. But these comments reflect the old weight loss rules, rules that have repeatedly failed you and other dieters.   Be patient with these doubters they may be trying to give you advice that they think will be helpful. Explain, if you can, that you have a physical disorder. But at least tell them that you just want to give the diet a chance to work.

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