Does Pizza Make You Fat?

We all love pizza, but is it making you gain weight? Here are some of the things that you should take into consideration about pizza and tips on how to make healthier choices.

We all love to have a slice of pizza every once in awhile. Have you ever thought about whether or not pizza is hurting your diet though? Does pizza make you fat? Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle otherwise, eating too much pizza could be causing you to keep on more pounds than you should. Here are some of the things that you should think about if you are a pizza lover.

Is Pizza Fattening?

Pizza in general is high in both calories and fat. While every restaurant uses different ingredients, one slice will generally cost you at least 250 to 300 calories. Pizza Hut and Dominoes tend to contain more fat, but it ultimately varies according to the restaurant’s own pizza recipe.

Also keep in mind that the type of pizza you order will determine how high in calories and how fattening it is. A pizza with sundried tomatoes and roasted peppers will be less fattening than one with pepperoni and sausage. While a slice of plain pizza may only have 250 to 300 calories, you can double that amount by adding pepperoni, sausage or another fattening topping.

As with everything else, the amount of pizza that you eat and how often you eat it will determine whether or not it will make you gain weight. Eating one to two slices is okay, but eating half the pie is going to add a lot of unnecessary fat and calories to your diet. Eating the occasional slice of pizza is okay, but people who eat this high-calorie treat on a regular basis may want to think about other options.

How Can You Make Pizza Healthier?

Consider making your own pizza. You will be able to use whole grain pizza dough and low fat cheese. Using whole grain English muffins in place of pizza dough can also be a good idea, as it will help you control your portion sizes.

If you’re not able to make your own pizza, consider making wiser choices. Avoid the fatty meats and hold the extra cheese. Opt for thin crust pizza instead of a Sicilian pie. Some restaurants are beginning to offer whole grain pizza crust options. If so, be sure to take advantage of this when ordering.

The most important thing to remember is that everything is acceptable in moderation. If you are eating pizza several times a week and even end up eating leftovers for the days in between, you can expect to gain some weight if you are not making wise choices. That said, there are ways to reduce your total calorie and fat intake from pizza.

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  1. This piece (of pizza lol)is very informative. Really nice to know the facts and yes totally in moderation is key.

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