Does The Word “Healthy” Scare You?

Is avoiding being healthy what you really want?

The word ‘healthy’ seem to scare and put people off. Especially when associated with weight loss.

It is no denial that the society is being constantly educated and aware of health issues, and how almost everything in the world is not healthy enough to consume. That everything we eat are making us put on weight and everything we love to eat and taste is fattening and bad for our hearts, waist and health. 

When the word ‘healthy’ is presented to us, we all take a step back thinking, “oh no, not again”. People are stressed out because we are being bombarded by documentaries, news, articles and talks that we need to look at the foods we are eating and putting into our bodies, how they are bad and will cause long term effects down the road.

I do not blame people being skeptical, nor rolling their eyes, when the words, ‘being healthy’, ‘eat healthily’ and ‘healthy food’ come into the picture. Then, there are those articles which say that healthy food do not taste good. Then there are also articles which prove that healthy food tastes just as good. Ah, all these articles, trying to brain wash, educate and change the way we think. 

Here, I am not going to tell you about how unhealthy you are for eating the bag of potato chips or the extra serving of cheese cake, and how much calories and pounds you are putting on. 

Instead, I am going to tell you that, if you like eating what you eat, then go ahead if you do not care. What you eat, is only either benefiting or harming yourself. What you do is only for yourself, and no one can tell you other wise. We are responsible for our own bodies, and though you should be eating healthily, it is your choice not to. If the consequences of a heart attack, liver problem or diabetes occurs on you, there is no one else to blame but yourself. Do not blame your mother or grandmother for over feeding you, do not blame the restaurants around your area which do not serve healthy salads or non deep fried foods, do not blame your spouse or friends for their influences. The ability and will to say ‘no’ lies only upon you. 

If you do not want to avoid unhealthy food, nor consume what is good for you, then it is you who is and has led your life to where it is now. Do not blame the break up for the pounds you put on, do not blame the stress at work for the late night deserts, do not blame anyone or anything for the extra tub of ice cream you choose to put in your mouth and swallow! 

If mentally, the will to be healthy is not there, then the only thing you can do is make yourself have the will to! Because impossible only exist because you want it to! 

If you only worry and start to take precautions in your diet when the results of a doctor’s check-up turn out not as you expected it to, then I can tell you this, it might already be too late to turn the clock back and be back in a healthy state of health. The constant purchase of expensive medication to sustain your health or prevent further damage will be a life-long necessity, do you really want to spend all those money on medication, health checks and the addition of mental and health stress on yourself and your body?

All the whip cream, sugar foods, fatty chicken skins that you consumed ever so often, were they worth it in the end? Sure, live to eat, but it doesn’t mean, live to eat unhealthily! Our bodies are miracles created, and not fully understood. Once damaged, there is no way it can ever be as it once was when you were born. There are not spare parts of money in the world which can reinstate what your body once was.

Keep in mind, that the next time you decide to change the channel or skip the chapter with the word ‘healthy’, take a good look at yourself, and see if you should be avoiding the facts and truth of being healthy. 

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