Doing Pushups While You are Overweight

It is possible.

Doing pushups while overweight can seem like an impossible chore but if you are overweight and you do pushups it will help you to lose weight and you will become very strong. If you are overweight you may only be able to do three or four pushups that is okay this article will show you how you can do pushups while overweight and how you can lose whatever amount of weight that you would like to.

If youu want to do pushups and think you can’t do them because of your weight you must get yourself on the floor and do as many pushups as you can. Even if you only do one you have proven to yourself that you can do pushups. If your goal is to do more pushups then everyday for a week do the maximum number of pushups that you can do. At the end of that week do a set of pushups until you cannot continue. Use this new number as the number of pushups that you do everyday. You then repeat this procces until you have the desired number of pushups. If you do this for a while you will be able to do a lot of pushups and you will also have lost a good bit of weight. This procces can be done with any other exercise as well.

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