Early Onset Puberty

Our kids are growing up too fast. It’s happening all over the world and researchers are looking for the reason. Little girls starting their period at seven or eight years old, which inhabits their growth and causes emotional problems when they must deal with sexual attention that begins too soon. In 1980 the onset of early puberty went into free fall. It was a change so sudden that something other than evolution must have happened.

Why are so many girls starting puberty early? From what we know now,  it all began in 1973 through a manufacturing error. Through a mix-up at a factory in Michigan a fire retardant containing polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) instead of a nutritional additive was added to farm animal feed. Soon after that cows were giving birth to still born calves and milk production dropped. Thousands of people had eaten the meat of these animals and drank the milk. PBBs gets inside the system and turns the hormonal system bottom side up, which fast forwards the puberty cycle. This takes a toll on young bodies.

Estrogenic Hormone Cream / Let me show you how to speak and write like a college graduate 1969 (Photo credit: Nesster)

Cancer risks come from too many hormones, and skeletal problems in early onset puberty stunts growth. When children find themselves in sexual bodies damage is done that cannot be erased. Doctors say they see 6 year old girls who are developing breasts and pubic hair. But PBBs is not the only reason. Meat and dairy contains hormones that are given to chickens for more productions and farm animals for faster growth.

Researchers have brought several possibilities to the table. Industrial chemicals known as endocrine disrupters that mimic hormones can be blamed, and certainly obesity in the children. One third of all American children are obese. Fatty tissue produces leptin which stimulates the release of sex hormones sending them to the blood stream and sexual changes begin.

Early puberty is happening all over the world. In Denmark a study found that the average age of breast development began at 8.89 years, which is a year later than American girls, but a full year earlier than previously. Plastics have also come under speculation. Contaminates like biphenol A (BPA) and phthalates are ingredients in plastic products that have endocrine disrupting powers are being investigated.

Even good nutrition like soy mimics the behavior of estrogen. Tea tree oil is also under suspicion and testosterone creams and estrogen creams prescribed for parents may end up in the hands of children. TV and the Internet encourages inactivity and also plays a role. Childbearing requires a certain amount of fat, when girls are fat the body may take it as a cue to get the reproductive system set up for business. Early puberty causes girls to suffer in many ways. Bones mature too quickly and they will be shorter than otherwise. They have greater risk of breast cancer, and sexual maturity leads to teasing and unwanted sexual attention.

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control found blood of the average American contains 212 different chemicals, including such toxins as arsenic and cadmium. 93% of Americans have traces of BPA. That’s one of the chemical that causes the greatest concern among doctors studying early onset puberty. Also babies of low birth weight are prone to go into early puberty. But there is no one particular reason that can be pointed to at this time.

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  1. It’s sad to hear that children suffer from the consequence of using chemicals in farming. Having puberty too early is definitely a surprise. Parents and school may not be prepared to explain the physical changes to the girls. Other children may not be informed as well. New generation is likely to frustrate more at the puberty than the older one.

  2. Ruby, with the food that goes into our bodies, I am not surprised, in fact, I am surprised we are still alive!

  3. How sad that the chemical used have caused this problems. It’s a wonder we don’t have more problems. A sad article. Children need to stay children as long as possible.

  4. great insight and can help in learning

  5. The foods fed to the animals may have contributed to this issue. Its good to eat organic foods.

  6. I had noticed the change in kids, especially girls quite some time ago. I never knew the reason behind sudden fast physical change, until now. Natural things, whether be with animals or humans, should be let to happen at the pace of nature, not according to the pace we want. good article on the issue Ruby.

  7. brilliant article thanks

  8. The write is quite impressive n educative for all :)

  9. Good informative article thanks

  10. The kids are growing to fast and it’s quite scary. The girls look like women and the boys look like grown men. The boys are growing mustaches at the age of 8. It’s incredible!

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