Eat Pizza and Lose Weight?

How to eat pizza and still lose weight.

I just had a slice of pizza for the second time this week. As I was eating it today, I thought to myself, “oh my God this is so good!” I began thinking about why some people shouldn’t be eating pizza, why some can, and why some people “eat it wrong.” OK, so of course I’m not talking about how you’re holding your slice : ) ….I’m talking about how to place it within your diet.

Keep in mind that there are some slices of pizza loaded with a whopping 600+ calories and 25+ grams of fat. Though they may taste divine, it’s not worth it with that many calories, when a regular NY style slice is just as tasty and wonderful for far less. The difference? A regular slice is about 272 calories with 10 grams of fat and 12 grams of protein. Even though it’s a little high on the fat, it can still be an acceptable meal.

-Why can you eat pizza and still lose weight?

The trick is to be able to burn up what you eat, so that you can still lose weight and be lean. You’ll be able to eat a regular slice if you’re staying within your allowed daily total calories, you’re remaining active, eating 5-6 small meals per day, essentially by doing all of the things that keep your metabolism revving and doing it’s job of burning body-fat.

-How to not eat pizza?

*Don’t reach for another slice!

I believe in eating everything in moderation, but moderation for pizza, is just one slice.

*Stay away from the leftover cold pizza box before bed.

This is a sure way of storing excess body-fat due to eating a large amount of calories you won’t be needing before going off to sleep.

*Don’t sit around.

No matter what you are eating, pizza or whatever, you still need to give your body the best chance to break it down and use it as energy. Whatever you body doesn’t use, will be stored as body-fat.

-What should you do?

If pizza is your weakness, there are ways to add it into your weight loss plan. I often talk about my client, “the chocolate chip cookie lover.” she often tried to stop eating the cookies only to end up finishing the whole bag. She went through this for years, until we met and I came up with a plan so she could have them and still lose weight. Instead of her depriving herself all day and then giving into temptation at night, I devised the cookie diet. She has 2-3 cookies for whatever meals or snacks she wants, whenever she wants them. She put her cookie obsession to rest and saved thousands of calories per day and went on to lose weight. So, it’s not that you shouldn’t be eating pizza, it’s how you eat the pizza. Some people can eat one slice once and awhile and be satisfied and stop there, while others are addicted to it and will overeat it. And, Many people that try to deprive themselves, only ending up worse off and overweight. If you remain in control by staying within the frame work of your weight lose plan and exercise plan and make the right choices, nothing can derail your weight lose efforts.

When I decided on writing about pizza today, I came upon this news story, from abc news 7:


Can you eat pizza and lose weight? A Florida bicyclist says he’s doing just that.

Matt McClellan says he has lost 24 pounds on the pizza diet, and his cholesterol has dropped 86 points.

There’s a catch. McClellan says the pizza diet calls for just one slice every three hours, and an hour of exercise every day.

McClellan says pizza is one of our healthiest fast food choices.

“Pizza’s not junk food,” he says. “We’re just trained to eat it wrong. We’re trained to eat a whole large pizza at midnight with a two liter soda and fall asleep.”

McClellan is on a 1,300-mile “tour depizza” bike ride along the east coast.

He’s using it to promote a healthy life style.

He’s calling on Americans to make better food choices, get some exercise and pull the plug on bad habits.


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