Evaluate Your Eating Pattern

Understand your eating pattern and substitute good habits for bad ones that have crept in while you have been busy pursuing your life.

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Your first line of defense against weight gain is understanding your eating patterns. Your eating plan doesn’t have to be complicated but you do need to be aware of overeating and the dangers in high calorie content of fat foods. Don’t fall into the trap of mindless eating, such as sitting down with a bag of potato chips or other goodies. If you do, you will eat the bag before you realize what you are doing. Instead sort out the large bags in small sandwich bags and take one. Even better cut up apples, carrots, celery and broccoli and divide into bags. You can grab a bag at any time to munch on. You won’t gain weight and you will be healthier with all those good vitamins.

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It’s a very good idea to choose several menus with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and vary them throughout the week. It’s easy to pop on a few veggies to steam and bake a chicken leg. Peel the skin off the chicken leg after baking. You can bake a potato while the oven is on. Baked potato is healthy and isn’t fattening unless you cover it with fat dressings. Instead drop in some chopped veggies and drizzle with olive oil. Eat a piece of fruit for desert. Nothing could be easier.

Always keep canned beans on hand and include them in your shopping list. When you don’t have time for meat, beans are your best bet for protein. Keeping these ideas in mind you will always have healthy food on hand. Practice portion control. Fill your plate with the correct serving sizes and put the rest of the food away at once. Don’t be tempted by having bowls of food on the table. When eating, put your fork down between bites and chew each bite thoroughly. If you eat too fast you won’t have time for a feeling of fullness to set in before you have over eaten.

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You can safely have a healthy snack between meals, but do skip heavy calorie laden foods and go with healthy snacks of fruits and vegetables. Sliced apple smeared with a little peanut butter, a whole wheat muffin, low-fat frozen yogurt, or a bagel with a spoon of jam is fine occasionally. You don’t have to go hungry but being choosy is good. You don’t want to go completely without fat. Olive oil and canola oil is healthy in small portions. Olive oil and vinegar with a little dill and basil makes a perfect salad dressing and has no preservatives or sugar.

Don’t go without breakfast. If you do you will over eat later on. If you don’t have time in the morning to cook you can keep boiled eggs on hand and have one with a slice of whole wheat bread, or peanut butter on a few crackers. A piece of fruit is an excellent choice. You need something to keep you going in the morning. The average person will gain a pound or two every year unless some thought is given to diet. It’s much easier to eat sensibly than to try to lose the weight later when we are set in an unhealthy eating pattern. We can’t start practicing a healthy eating plan too early for our children or ourselves. click here to publish your articles and earn income. No fees required.

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  1. I have this really bad habit of skipping breakfast. Good advice on nutrition.

  2. I’m adding this to my favorites. Very good article I will read periodically. Great one!

  3. I\’m adding this to my favorites. Very good article I will read periodically. Great one!

  4. really couple of days in week I missed my breakfast too now I am realizing how bad it is !!!! yes we should evaluate our eating pattern,Great info Ruby,Thank you!!!

  5. I try to do many of the things you have mentioned here. I have a mindless eating problem..:) I need to improve and this article is an eye-opener!

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  9. Breakfast is my favorite meal. I try to eat several small meals throughout the day and that works for me. I love raw fruits and veggies with nuts and a few dried cranberries, it makes a sweet tasting healthy snack. Good work, my friend.

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  14. Breakfast is my favorite meal and thanks for another useful article to keep us all healthy.

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