Extreme Diet Way, Women in China Doing It!!

Most of women will want to look slim …

Most adolescent female students in China have diet tips that really extreme. They eat the roundworms to still look skinny, especially when doing a job interview, this was done because of employment opportunities for them more difficult. Roundworm eggs in their stomachs, making them lose weight a few pounds without dieting.

Of course swallowing roundworm eggs as a diet, very dangerous, and absolutely not recommended to lose weight.

Some very strange diet techniques performed by the girls china to lose weight, among others:

* They looked at pictures of food for several hours to air their diet suppresses appetite, so they lose weight.
* Using a special soap to reduce weight, and they could bathe 10 times a day.
of course, all the techniques above replacement did not have a clear scientific basis, and can damage health. Around the 90’s the girls china is a special tea, or do akupunture to suppress appetite.

How about You?

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