Extreme Diets are Not Good for Your Health

For most of us "diet" is a bad word. But it needn’t be. A diet should be nutritious and a big boost for our well being. A good diet should be choosing foods that taste good, look good and make us healthier and happier. A good diet will give us more energy and make us look better, should I say prettier? Yes that too.

Simple is always best. Extreme diets are not good for your health and well being. Good nutrition means eating foods that are good for you in healthy portions. It doesn’t mean starving and depriving your body. A good healthy diet will provide energy and improve your looks. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein in the right proportions, along with daily exercise, will keep you at your best weight. Health is what you should strive for rather than a skinny body which may not be healthy for you. Eat moderate portions of healthy food and you will acquire the proper weight for your frame. We wont mention cutting out fats and sugar. We know we shouldn’t indulge in that. We do need fats, but olive and canola oil provides.

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in products such as soy milk and low-fat yogurt, has been shown to reduce breast cancer incidence in rats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bring on the fruits and vegetables. They are your main source of vitamins, fiber and minerals. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and who knows how many other diseases a good diet might prevent? Researchers continue to do the research. Remember not too long ago we thought that meat, butter and all sorts of goodies were healthy until research proved us wrong. Now we know better and we will learn even more from future research.

Choose as much color variety as possible in your vegetables and fruits. Everything from red to green and all the colors in between. Orange and yellow foods contain beta carotene which helps the immune system. Purple and blue helps the body build up the ability to defend itself against carcinogens. Whole grains are rich in fiber, which reduces cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, it’s good for the digestive system and makes you feel full longer. Whole grains contain the whole kernel that is rich in nutrients, fiber and vitamins. Examples are oatmeal, whole wheat and brown rice. Whole grains break down more slowly and blood sugar levels increase slowly and steadily.

I’m sure you see on some packaging the word, “refined.” You’ll find it on white bread, white rice and white flour. It goes through a milling process that makes it finer in texture and gives it a longer shelf life. You do not want the product, it doesn’t have the fiber your body needs. Refined foods like white rice and white bread cause a spike in blood sugar, which means you go from energetic to tired and sleepy in no time. Refined also plays a part in developing diabetes. Eat whole grains every day but do use moderation. They are heavy in carbs.

Proteins are found in meat, turkey, chicken, sea food, eggs, dried beans, soy and small amounts in other vegetables. Fish may reduce your risk of heart disease. It was once thought that cholesterol in eggs were bad for you, but now we know they are good eaten in moderation. If you like red meat, eat just a little, and get your main protein from the sources named above. Don’t forget dairy for calcium to keep your bones strong.

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  1. well-written and informative.

  2. Great information and eating colourful vegetable is a great idea.

  3. Thanks for the info..

  4. Very informative and well written:)

  5. Very good advice. Good job

  6. I agree Ruby, “diet” needn’t be a bad word, we just have to eat well.

  7. yes i agreed with your point of view

  8. Good tips on diet.

  9. brilliant description thanks

  10. I think people tend to use extreme diets when they want to lose weight fast…

  11. Its a no brainer really – eat healthy, exercise more.

    You did not cheat to get fat, why cheat to get thin?

  12. Thanks… very informative for those turn on sudden crash diets

  13. nice post
    thanks for share

  14. What with a craze for ’size zero’ figure, girls are getting anorexic and amenorrheic.

  15. You are correct, extreme diets are not good for you.

    Accepting obesity is also not right but for some people they seem to be making excuses that it is okay to be huge, this is unhealthy, and people should be aware of healthier ways to be a proper weight.

  16. You nailed it, very good advice. The only good diet is a healthy diet that is part of your lifestyle, not some extreme thing that you get on and off of.

  17. Diets need to be taken slowly for good lasting results. It really has to be a lifestyle change. Excellent article.

  18. very true indeed don’t ever want to go too drastic. It’s good to cut out the little things slowly ive found.

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