Five Benefits of Eating Breakfast

A lot of people skip breakfast for several reasons. But that’s not a healthy practice because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Below are the five basic reasons why you should eat your breakfast everyday; and choosing the right foods for breakfast is equally important as the meal itself.

Many people don’t know it, but breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. It does not only give you the energy you need to start the day, it is also beneficial to your health in general.


Eating breakfast has several important health benefits such as:


Breakfast Benefit # 1: Weight Control


A lot of people would raise their eyebrows at this since skipping breakfast is one of the popular practices weight watchers do. But many studies in adults and children alike have shown that those who eat breakfast are more likely to lose weight or control their weight than those who skip it.


According to one theory, a healthy breakfast can curb hunger throughout the day and can help people choose the right foods at other meals. While skipping breakfast seems to reduce daily calorie intake, it is in fact one of the biggest weight loss mistakes committed by many dieters and weight watchers. Not eating breakfast tends to lower metabolic rate and increase hunger throughout the day so by lunchtime and onwards, you tend to compensate by eating more, but with the slower metabolism, you end up not able to break down all the foods you have eaten.


Another theory suggests that eating breakfast is a healthy lifestyle practice that includes choosing better foods and creating a good balance between calorie intake and exercise. Just look at the successful weight losers followed by the National Weight Control Registry, wherein all have lost 30 pounds or more and kept it off for at least one year. An estimated 80 percent of the people in the Registry are regular breakfast eaters (and adhere to a calorie-controlled low-fat diet).


However, if you are trying to lose weight, your breakfast should compose of protein, whole grains and fiber rather than carbohydrates. According to Purdue University researcher Wayne Campbell, PhD, “Protein blunts your hunger the most, and is the most satiating.”


A study conducted by researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center and presented at the 2007 Experimental Biology conference compared weight loss in two groups of women who ate different foods for breakfast — the first group had two eggs while the second group had a bagel. The two breakfast meals were the same in terms of volume and number of calories.


According to researcher Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, PhD, “Compared to the bagel eaters, overweight women who ate two eggs for breakfast five times a week for eight weeks as part of a low-fat, reduced-calorie diet, lost 65% more weight, reduced waist circumference by 83%, reported higher energy levels, and had no significant difference in their … blood cholesterol or triglyceride levels.”

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  1. Don’t skip b’fast is my mantra. Nice article.

  2. I can’t eat when I get up, thus, I have a glass of chocolate milk. But, my husband makes my daughter something cooked, like eggs or french toast, a few times a week. Thank you for such a great article.

  3. Nice piece.

    Good information is available here, and keeps on writing.


  4. Excellent and informative. Breakfast is the most important part of the day. Those that skip breakfast are clueless and should try their very best to at least have a glass of OJ and a bowl of oatmeal before leaving the door.

  5. Very helpful and important advice, Mel… I can’t start my day without my morning fiber cereal, or a plate of eggs, sunnyside up. Thank god, my kids are big breakfast eaters. Like you say, Mel…’so many of them just skip and go’.

  6. Valuable post. I have been skipping breakfst often. Now I won’t.

  7. breakfast is truly beneficial…it’s the most important meal after all

  8. i rarely take breakfast at the morning because there is no anything to eat :(

  9. Awesome information.Nice share

  10. Breakfast is the first very important meal we shouldn’t skip. liked it.

  11. I agree with you. Breakfast is an essential part of the diet.

  12. Excellent!

  13. Good piece, breakfast is as they say, the most important meal of the day.

  14. Well shared info, my friend.thank you.

  15. Well presented. Nice article

  16. This is an excellent artical. I’ve always eaten breakfast.

  17. I never think about my breakfast. Thanks to make me think about.

  18. very nice piece!…

  19. I agree with this article. Before I didnt eat breakfast at all especially when I am late to wake up, but now I realize eating breakfast is very important.

  20. Nice article…Clear and well-written

  21. I never go without breakfast. To do so slows down your whole day.

  22. Excellent share, Melody.
    We have to make time for breakfast. Difficult when we’re sometimes rushing out of the house. That fact about the insulin resistance will serve as an additional motivator for me.

  23. Nice article. Breakfast is an important meal of the day.

    When I skipped breakfast, my life turned out to be ordinary.

    Now, I make it a point to eat breakfast.

    Toast with jam and butter.

    Seasonal fruit.

    A glass of water.

    Later, two cups of piping hot tea.

    One boiled egg with salt and pepper.

    A small salad (without dressing).

    Sometimes, a handful of nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc.

    That’s enough to help improve my day.

    Breakfast cheers me up, improves my mood and I feel I have more energy throughout the day.

  24. breakfast is the one meal I make sure I eat everyday.

  25. Very good article, it is important to eat breakfast and my heart bleeds for those who so not have enough food to eat breakfast-a lot of our school kids do not have enough food to eat-and this is in America!

  26. I like fried eggs and toast in the morning along with a hot cup of coffee!

  27. Thanks for reminding us.

  28. a great post!

  29. Excellent manner and very well-written sentence is doing, with useful information includes a good things you have in your article.

    Thanks and cheers.

  30. i truly believe that eating healthy breakfast is great.

  31. Important factor that has to be constantly drilled into all the weight watchers.

  32. There is no harm in skipping our lunch. Coz, if we have our breakfast, we have got the complete diet rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep us active all day.

  33. This article was really informative..I\’m one of those people who skip breakfast, reading this article makes me want to wake up early in order to get my healthy doze of breakfast and be healthy once again…thanks for sharing was a pleasure to read. ^_^

  34. I think a lot of people, includign myself, fall into the trap of skipping breakfast. This article is a nice nudge back into the right direction. Interesting study results about the eggs as well.

  35. This is very good. I always try to eat breakfast in the morning. If I skip a meal, I always get a headache.

  36. Thanks for sharing. I always wondered what were the benefits of having benefits. I didn\’t know about the losing wieight bit. Very interesting…

  37. Breakfast is no doubt the most important meal of the day!

  38. Thanks for pointing that (breakfast being the most important meal of the day) out, Melody!

  39. I never miss breakfast!

  40. I never ate breakfast until about 5 years ago and I have noticed a big difference. I have more energy and my IBS is less of a problem.

    Great information.

  41. Unfortunately, this article gives very little evidence that eating soon after waking from a night\’s sleep is more beneficial than delaying the first intake of food. Sorry, but it is too light and low on facts – just regurgitating mantras to some extent.

    No change for me.

  42. Great article! I cannot even function without breakfast.

  43. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is a good habit to get into. It does start your brain going and can help you to feel more alert throughout the day. Great article!

  44. I know breakfast is my favorite meal even when it’s just cereal and fruit.

  45. Interesting.

  46. Awesome information.

  47. Good article

  48. Very good advice. I agree. There is a reason why breakfast is called the most important meal of the day.

  49. Wonderful article meldz… so true! This has helped me shook off a lot of unwanted pounds as I started my weight loss program two years ago. The good news is, its keeping me fit since! Not only that, eating a healthy good breakfast keeps you sharp and focused the rest of your day! So why skip it?

  50. Wonderful article meldzā€¦ so true! This has helped me shook off a lot of unwanted pounds as I started my weight loss program two years ago. The good news is, its keeping me fit since! Not only that, eating a healthy good breakfast keeps you sharp and focused the rest of your day! So why skip it?

  51. Good article.

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