Five Tips to Reduce Your Big Belly

Stay fit and reduce fat on stomach.

Overweight, fat, plump etc. these are few words booming the health and fitness market. Reason is very simple- They have clients and people to follow them. Ever wondered people tend to become so careless about their body and unknowingly end up before the mirror being overweight? Even a well can be filled with water to its neck if you constantly keep on pouring drops of water.

Let it be your official meetings or parties with friends, that cannot be a valid reason for spoiling your health and leaving you dejected and devoid of confidence.

Now is the time and if you fail to act it is like today or tomorrow or never.

Let us discuss 5 tips for controlling as well as reducing your belly fat and size.

1. Change your lifestyle by replacing your favorite taste with alternatives e.g. Fruits for sweets and water of fruit juice for carbonated drinks. Change your diet items while not starving yourself or reducing your intake drastically. Avoid sugar, butter, pizzas for some time.

2. Walking is the best exercise. If you are overweight do not start dreaming about running in a marathon within a week. Changes have to happen steadily and not over night. Start walking 1-2 hours with your family members, alone with some music gadget etc. so that you do not feel bore in the morning or at night.

3. Drink good amount of water everyday as water helps flush all that dirt out of your body and cleanse your system.

4. If you drink alcoholic beverages then remember that excess is poison and even if you have no excuse for drinking in your official get together then reduce the amount, but I suggest quitting that habit once and for all.

5. If you are found of dancing, skating, horse riding, aerobics or any other sports then you are half way to your goal. Make it a regular habit in weekends or whenever you can devote time in a week to play your favorite sport and stick to it.

Self awareness and motivation is more important than any other thing. Also have a look at- Trying to lose weight? and health tips for further help.

“Staying healthy is a lifestyle in itself”.

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  1. Grate tips thanks for this, liked it.

  2. nice tips i will try it out

  3. I appreciate your advice, and i am soliciting for continious education through my email.Infact your advice is helpul.

  4. So.. If I’m going to jog and not walk, is it okay if I jog for an hour?
    Thanks for the tips btw.

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