Five Ways I Plan Use to Lose 100 Pounds

I am way overweight and need to lose a hundred pounds. This is how I plan to lose it.

I have noticed recently that I am having a harder time going up stairs and have a few more pains in the morning, but nothing prepared me for the realization recently that I was a hundred pounds overweight!  I looked in the mirror and went to my scale and horrifyingly saw that I was over 270 pounds.  I cannot believe that I let my weight get this out of control.

I am bound and determined to get back down to my ideal weight of 170 pounds.  Overall, my plan is simple.  I will eat less and exercise more.  More specifically, here is my plan of action:

1.  Eat oatmeal for breakfast with Splenda or some other artificial sweetener.  Oatmeal will make me feel full, but with the artificial sweetener will not be highly caloric.

2.  Exercise 30 minutes every day.  I need to get moving, so having a goal of 30 minutes of exercise seems good to start.  I may try to up it to 60 minutes, but I don’t want to be too ambitious at the start.

3.  Eat more rice - brown rice if I can hack it.  My meals have become more and more fat and carb based.  Rice is not very calorie dense, so eating more of it with each meal will make me full and keep me away from the high calorie option.

4.  Drink a gallon of water a day.  Much of my hunger might be from being thirsty, rather than hungry.  As part of the gallon of water, I will plan on drinking a glass before every mea.

5.  Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.  I have noticed that I have not been sleeping enough lately.  Being tired, I have been choosing more comfort and convenient foods, which happen to be highly caloric, as well.  A well rested me should make much better decisions.  Also, more sleep means less time to eat in my day.

I will look into more options, like intermittent fasting, to lose more weight, but I hope that by doing these 5 things that I can successfully lose 100 pounds.

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  1. Good luck! I’ve read a lot about intermittent fasting and I believe it has many merits.

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