Goals Challenge: Travelling to Chicago for The Weekend

Leaving for a long weekend to watch my daughter perform. Can I continue to work towards my goals?

I am taking my family to Chicago, the Windy City, this weekend, since my oldest daughter will be performing there over the weekend.  We always enjoy going to Chicago, though it is never good on our pocketbook.  

This trip will present my first real test on my goals of losing 100 pounds and writing a thousand articles this year.  I will need to use my ideas for keeping my resolutions to remain focused.

Losing 100 Pounds

This trip will be really difficult because we will be close to my favorite restaurant of all time, Bob Chinn’s.  They have the best seafood and crab, ever.  My plan is to keep my recent weight loss success in mind and perhaps to give intermittent fasting a go over this weekend.

Writing 1000 Articles

This goal may be even harder to keep this weekend, since we will be busy and I might not have the time to write at all.  I will do everything that I can to keep up on my writing.  I might regret taking up a couple more websites!  Lucky enough, they will be basically autopilot sites.

I am glad for this opportunity to challenge my resoluteness.  My job takes me out of town enough that this trip presents me with the possibility to learn and fail on a smaller scale, so that I can learn how to succeed.

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