Health and Fitness Tips for Men and Women

Men & Women – your new fitness ally: time.



The time of day or month you exercise can affect how much you get out of it, as can the frequency and timing of workouts.


For 90% of us (men and women) the best time of day for a workout is between 4pm and 7pm. Body temperature is at its highest, muscles are warm and flexible, strength is at its peak and resting heart rate and blood pressure are low. Therefore perceived exertion is low, so you’re more motivated and you’re also less likely to injure yourself.


For a woman, the best time of the month for endurance exercise is 7-14 days after ovulation. “At this time progesterone concentration is peaking.” This affects how your body uses fats and carbohydrates.


However, if you suffer painful periods regular exercise, including during menstruation, can help reduce that.


Any given training program will stimulate improvements for only 6-12 weeks: after that changing the exercise, the weight used, and the reps done, even your feet position, and can keep you progressing.

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