How Many Calories Can You Burn Playing The Kinect and Kinect Games

The Kinect is a fabulous video game console as it is lots of fun and it helps you burn calories and lose weight. Different activities burn more calories than others.

Have you recently bought a Kinect? Are you trying to lose weight and burn calories using Kinect games? If so you may be interested in finding out how many calories you can burn playing the Kinect.

The Kinect is a hands free console from Microsoft, which enables you to play video games without having to use a controller. Sales of the Kinect and Kinect games surpassed that of the Wii during Christmas 2010. Many of the Kinect games are sports, dance, action or fitness/workout games. During January many people have set a New Years Resolution to get fit and lose weight. One such way they can do this is burn more calories than they eat. Playing Kinect and Kinect games is a great way to burn calories and help you with your weight loss.  Many people are curious as to how many calories you can actually burn by playing the Kinect.

So how many calories can you burn playing the Kinect? Well the number of calories you burn depends on several factors including your weight and the game you play. The best Kinect fitness games to burn calories include EA Sports Active 2, Dance Central, Zumba Fitness, Dance Masters, Your Shape Fitness Evolved and Michael Jackson The Experience to name a few. When calculating the number of calories burned you need to remember that there is a certain amount of downtime while playing games. It takes a few minutes between sports events to start up the next event, or the next dance, so you should factor this into the calculation for calories burned. Additionally heavier people burn more calories for the same activity as lighter people.

Bunring calories with the Kinect is simple, and each game should calculate the number of calories you burn. I have seen reports that an average weight male burned 118 calories playing EA Sports Active 2 for 19 minutes.  This roughly works out at 360 calories an hour, but of course depends on the type of sport he performs. You can attach a pedometer whenever you are performing track and field events and dancing to measure the number of calories burnt.

You should play the Kinect fitness, sport and dance games as part of your daily exercise routine. An hour on the Kinect could help you burn at least 300 calories a day. To read more about the best Kinect fitness games and burning calories using the Kinect see below.

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  1. This article into one sentence?

    “How many calories can I burn with Kinect?” “Not a lot!”

  2. Ah but surely it is better than nothing. Not as good as a gym workout but its more fun

  3. Good article, thanks.

  4. good information let me try it

  5. its great on Dance Central for 5 mins you lose about 50 calories so for an hour about 600 calories which is great

  6. I just burned 924 calories in an hour and fifteen mins….. I’m 5′11 and weigh in at 226 pounds, and i have a good amount of muscle.

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