How Many Calories Does That Have?

Is this the first thought in your mind when you go into a restaurant, "How many calories does that have?" It’s what we all think when we see these lovely dishes put in front of us. A little home work will give us the information we need to stick to our diet. And some of the calorie numbers will completely surprise you.

 Are you totally flummoxed when you go out to eat. Do you wonder? Just how many calories does that have? If that’s your question you are not alone. Some items we think are lower in calories are actually much higher than we would choose if we only knew. Some restaurants are now listing nutrition on their website and menus but more often it’s a guessing game.  With a little knowledge you can be aware. Below are some of the best and worst food choices.

Pizza Hut: Best, 2 slices Thin and Crispy Pepperoni and Mushroom = 380 calories, 14 g fat

Pizza Hut: Worst, 2 slices 14″ Stuffed Crust Meat Lover’s Pizza = 960 calories, 67 g fat

Subway: Best, 6″ turkey sub on 9 grain wheat bread =280 calories, 5 g fat

Subway: Worst, 6″ tuna sub on 9 grain wheat bread = 530 calorie, 31 g fat

Ruby Tuesday: Best, Chicken Bella = 372 calories, 15 g fat

Ruby Tuesday: Worst, Parmesan Chicken Pasta = 1,318 calories, 70 g fat


McDonald’s: Best, Hamburger w/small french fries = 480 calories, 23 g fat

McDonald’s: Worst, Double Quarter Pounder w/cheese and large french fries = 1,240 calories, 67 g fat

Chipotle: Best, Chicken Salad bowl w/black beans, guacamole and tomato salsa = 490 calories, 21 g fat

 Chipotle: Worst, Chicken Burrito w/guacamole, sour cream rice and cheese = 980 calories, 50 g fat

Wendy’s: Best, Mandarin Chicken salad/w Oriental Sesame dressing and roasted almonds = 480 calories, 23 g fat

Wendy’s: Worst, Chicken BLT Salad w/garlic croutons and Honey Dijon dressing = 790 calories, 54 g fat

At an Italian restaurant, try a tricolore salad, insalata mista or minestrone soup to start, baked, broiled or grilled fish or chicken entree.

At a diner, have an egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes and feta (or turkey) with whole wheat toast or open face with half the bun, veggie or turkey burger with cheddar, fruit salad or side salad with vinaigrette.

At a pizzeria, have 1 or 2 pieces of thin crust pizza piled with veggie toppings and a salad on the side.

At an Indian restaurant, order Tandoori chicken or shrimp with raita yogurt sauce and whole wheat roti bread.

At a Chinese restaurant, order egg drop or wonton soup to start, anything steamed with sauce on the side (shrimp, veggies or chicken with broccoli and garlic) and brown rice.

At a Mexican restaurant, have Fajitas (steak, chicken shrimp, veggie) with 1-2 tortillas and a dab of sour cream or grilled fish and soft tacos with salsa.

If you have any opinions, ideas, suggestions or recipes you would like to publish click this link.

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  1. Nice post

  2. Good health tips.

  3. You know when my husband and I eat out I just eat what I want and don’t worry about it. Now that being said I closely watch what I eat at home and how I cook it. There are so many hidden calories in foods that sometimes even when you think you are eating right you’re not. Excellent work, Ruby.

  4. Thanks for the nice reminder. This is great, Ruby. :)

  5. When I got to the part about the roti bread I couldn’t concentrate anymore. It made me hungry for roti.

  6. Great tips!

  7. Great info Ruby! Luckily I love Fajitas!

  8. Thanks for this, Ruby. Some of these meals look unbelievably high in calories. Are your American pizza slices bigger than the British ones? I think I will have to give up eating out, lol. Good work.


  9. The way my IBS has been acting, I really don’t have a choice in what I eat. As much as I love extra cheese on my pizza, my belly doesn’t. McDonald’s was having the same affect on me so I switched to Subway.

  10. When I eat out I try to stick to broiled fish and a salad.

  11. Thanks Ruby, this is very good information. I think the restaurants make their serving portions too large.

  12. I try not to think about calories and just enjoy food which eventually ends up on my hips =)

  13. great share^^

  14. thanks for sharing the info..but i still love pizza…:)luckily my metabolisme rate very high.hahaha

  15. Thank you for sharing this with us. I think more restaurants should give the nutritional information for their foods so you will have an idea how many calories you are eating.

  16. Fingers in my ears and repeating loudly lalalalalalalalalalalal


    When are they going to make a pill that puts a cap on how much calories you absorb a day. I want my pill dangnabit

  17. If that doesn’t take the fun out of dining out I don’t know what would. Oh, the guy on the cell phone at the next table.

  18. Great write, very informative…..great info for someone who counts calories as their diet plan especially.
    Thanks for sharing

  19. I am now longing for a pizza!

  20. When I saw the title, I jumped to click, as I had asked you this question. If you make a certain dish (not a standard dish dished out in standard restaurants which can be assumed to have constant standardized calorie counts) like you suggested for weight loss, how do you know the calorie count. I was hoping you’d refer to some web site and tell us how to calculate based upon the ingredients.

    Other than that, the article is good and provides useful info.

  21. People need to be aware of what they are eating and start blaming themselves for weight issue, rather than other factors.

  22. This is important to remember.

  23. Good info on Count Calories

  24. Impressive analysis. I never got around to counting calories. I’m glad I stopped eating fast food though.

  25. very good info..thanks.

  26. Looks like I could last a whole with one pizza slice. They look huge!

  27. When I go out to eat(rarely) I try to select foods low in glucose and cholesterol. But some resturants make that impossible.
    Take Applebee’s Hamburger. That thing is awesom, cooked just as you ask, piled with everything you could want and the burger with it’s truckload of fries could feed an army. I try to just eat at home.

  28. I too don’t worry when how what I eat when out..
    But for ones that do, some good points and advice here Ruby.

  29. Thanks for the great health tips, Ruby.

  30. This is very interesting. Some are surprising. Very informative.

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