HOW Mariah Carey Lost 70 Pounds of Weight!

After delivering a set of twins in April, singer and actress Mariah Carey has surprising lost 70 pounds of body weight. Thanks to her little secret. Find out how she lost her weight and maybe, that could be your savior.

 42-year-old singer Mariah Carey after delivering a set of twins in April has surprising lost 70 pounds. Married to Nick Cannon, the singer became the mother of twins Moroccan and Monroe and then lost 70 pounds of weight after.

Her secret as to losing weight? She shares it.

She says “I learned a lot being pregnant, watching my body change”. Mariah confessed the process want easy until the very end of my pregnancy. She said from the experience, she now understood how it felt like for people who have been battling all their lives with weight problems.

Mariah Carey says she initially lost 40 pounds of water weight just from giving birth to the twins who weighted six pounds each.

“I lost 40 pounds of water in the first week” she said.  Then lost extra 30 with help from Jenny Craig watching, watching her intake.

Mariah said, it was virtually impossible to work out then.

Mariah surprisingly said she rarely checked her weight and that she was more concerned about the way her clothing fits, and how healthy she feels.

“The whole point of this is not just, ‘look at me and my weight loss,’” she says. “It’s really about health.” She added.

Mariah Carey

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  1. maybe proper diet and exercise? its natural way of losing weight maybe…nice to hear that.

  2. Good for her. A lot of women have a hard time losing weight after giving birth.

  3. Great share.

  4. good share

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