How to Beat Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is very common among us. We love to eat sugar. But have you ever thought how does it affect our health? Sugar addiction damages our health silently. Unless we control our craving for sugar, in the long run this addiction can be dangerous for health. So, how to beat sugar addiction?

But before we know that, let’s check out why sugar addiction is bad for health. Just have a quick look.

What Sugar Really Does to Your Body

Eating too much of sugar is bad for health. Of course, we don’t die from sugar overdose but in the long run and in the future we may face major health problem for this.

First of all sugar increases fat storing; when we eat sugar it enters into our bloodstream very quickly and we have a spike in blood sugar levels. If you are hyper active then you can able to burn it off but if are not so active and don’t like to do any exercise either then that can be major problem. Another problem is that too much sugar weakens the immune system. Excessive sugar intakes can also mental problems such as anxiety, depression and mood swing. Other diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancers can be associated with high sugar intake.

Many people cannot control their cravings for sugar and it turns out like addiction. Basically when you eat a lot of sugar your body gets used to it and it needs them to regulate other activities. But if you manage to reduce your sugar consumption long enough then your body will learn to work properly without the high sugar and get back to normal on its own.

So, how to come out of sugar addiction? Following are few tips…

How to Beat Sugar Addiction:

  • First of all, do not drink any soft drinks. It is an absolutely ‘no no’. This one is the most common advice for coming out of the sugar addiction but sadly very few people manage to follow this advice as well. So, you need to come out of your soft drink habit and don’t even think of drinking those ‘diet’ soft drinks; because they are as bad as the normal ones.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners. The studies show – they increase your appetite, increase your sugar cravings and they inhibit your fat metabolism. If you’ve heard somewhere artificial sweeteners are harmless then do some research and you’ll find these are not good at all.
  • Do not buy junk foods. Keep it out of your house and reach. So even if you are feeling to eat something like those you’ll not find those readily available in your pantry. The point is- try to make distance from those unnecessary junk foods!
  • When you have the sugar craving, reach for fruits. Because when you eat fruits it is not going cause a rush of energy like when you eat junk foods. It’s going to be more steady glucose into your bloodstream. So, it’s a great choice to go for natural sweet food rather than processed foods.
  • If you want to be healthy then exercise. For your body to work properly you need to do exercise. Exercise not only keeps you fit but also helps you metabolize and keeps that blood sugar level stable. Also, helps your body learn to use energy rather than storing it.
  • If you are addicted to sugar then try to cut down your sugar intakes slowly. For example, when you have a sugar craving instead of eating the whole candy bar, eat just half of it and next time eat just one fourth of it. In this way, you are limiting the intake of high sugar foods and slowly your body will get used to it.

Lastly, once you overcome the habit of high sugar foods and your body gets back the perfect balance, do not let down your defences and start eating too much high sugar foods again. Once you do that your body will quickly remember how it used to work with high sugar intakes and you’ll begin to develop the sugar craving again. So do not fall into that trap.

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