How to Detoxify and Melt Fat

Here are some ways to detoxy and perhaps lose a little weight.

Get rid of your fat quicker with red grapes.

You should eat one cup a day and your fat loss is cut by 25% say researchers at the University of South Florida. Reserveratrol  and cyanidin are two compounds contained in red grapes. It also helps to get rid of toxins that are water soluble and help you get rid of extra fluid in you.

When you need more energy have salads that are made of produce full of chlorophyll. The best foods that have the most chlorophyll is romaine lettuce, spinach and watercress

The chlorophyll gets rid of water weight says, Susan Lark M.D. author of “The chemistry of success” Your energy levels can go up 20% with this salad as the chlorophyll helps the liver burn fat for fuel.

If you want to purify yourself eat artichokes. If you want to get rid of toxins in your fat cells silymarin is the part of the artichoke that does it.

Eat three artichoke hearts a week and you can stop your lethargy and it also helps if you frequently get headaches.

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  1. Fruits and vegetables are incredible at improving our health. I love grapes, and eat them frequently. We would all do better to eat less bread, cheese and meat, and focus a bit more on vegetables and fruits. I like your pictures!

  2. I agree with Lynn. Im terrible about staying away from carbs and dairy. Thanks for the info

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  4. Very useful points for all interested in weight loss.

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  7. Again you have given us very helpful information.

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  9. Very helpful information and tips…love grapes and eat artichokes quite a bit too…

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