How to Loose Stomach Fat in One Easy Step

How to get rid of belly fat.

When I was little I would go to the local gym. Well I was in day camp and I saw this man wearing a trash bag as an undershirt to the sweater he had on. I sat there and probably gave him a weird stare as I questioned myself about him having on a black trash bag like it was a shirt.

So as I grew older myself I matured & ate well through the years. I started to gain a belly from my metabolism slowing down I guess. I thought to myself if I put l plastic around my stomach under my shirt like that man did I will sweat it off. So I took a trip to the dollar store, bought myself some Saran wrap. For two months straight every morning I would wrap my lower stomach around my back about 3-4 times. But be careful don’t wrap it too tight so that it makes you uncomfortable.

Then I would just get dressed as normal and start my daily work. Instead of driving to places that I had to go that were close to home ,I’ d put on the i-pod dance or fast pace music & walk. Shoot a couple of hoops,ride a bike a few blocks, or jump some rope.

I ate food that gave me natural energy like kiwi,oranges, and bananas for my muscles since I was using them for the next two months. I drank plenty of water. I always ate breakfast which was oatmeal. The doctor will tell you that you should always eat breakfast even while dieting. Try not to eat so much sugar filled foods if you do cut it by 6′o clock pm. I walked 30 minutes to an hour everyday and in two months everyone was commenting me on how much my stomach went down. So even if you try this 4 days out of the week for 30 days straight you too will see how you melt your stomach fat away as well. It will work for you a little slower even if you just wear it for so many hours everyday, while vacuuming and  doing your normal routines around the house. So try it with a friend, and check your weight in 30 days to see if it works good luck!

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  1. I remember when I was growing up my mom had a tubing of natural colored latex she would where around her mid section that gave her the same results the mans trash bag give him.

    She would have to powder her mid section and getting out of it was a royal pain as she was ringing in sweat.

    The idea of the trash bag would work better, at least for getting it off.

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