HOW to Loose Weight????

Now a days, many people are searching for ways to loose their weight and look slim and attractive.They go here and there for the same.But they don’t know that they can loose their weight by simply following some activities regularly.

Everybody wants to look slim and attractive. People waste lots of money and time for the same. They go in several clubs and perform several activities like they keep themselves starve in name of dieting. But at last, they get very little output. However, if you practice some simple habits,you can not only save your time and money but also you can save yourself from starvation.These simple ways to loose your weight and remain fit are:-

1) Drink lots of water. It will help in maintaining your body’s circulatory system. 

2) Eat sufficiently and timely. Do not eat too much and in irregular time intervals.

3) Eat green vegetables. Avoid potato made items.

4) Avoid oily food items and food items which contain much cholesterol.

5) In morning and evening time, go for a walk regularly. It will refresh your body and mind.

6) Take brake at regular intervals at your workplace if you have to work for long period of time.

After all “Health is Wealth”.

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