How to Lose 5 kgs in 10 days

Do you think you are fat? Do you want to lose weight? Here is your answer to a real way of SHEDDING THOSE POUNS

We are all aware of the zero size in LA, which is travelling at rocket speed to UK and the rest of the world. Besides fashion, keeping fit is the mantra in today’s world where pure food and air is a scarcity. Most people have desk jobs, which along with heavy pockets gives you heavy tummy and bummy. As if it were not enough you are further cursed with known and unknown diseases when you add those pounds.

I am just 5 feet and faced reality when I weighed myself after an eternity. I was terrified to discover my 68 kgs on top of my size 3 feet. That’s it!! I had to do something. I started my military regime with determination. Joined a local gym and made a food plan for myself. Within 10 days I lost 5 kgs and in less than 2 months I reached my target weight. I would like to share this with everyone and save people from spending unnecessary money on useless dieting pills and other expensive mechanisms. There cannot be a short cut to lose weight.

My timetable along with food options included at least an hour’s exercise everyday which allowed me to still eat those home made spicy foods: -

Breakfast options

  1. Egg white and rockets or;
  2. Water poached egg. (Use water instead of oil. Add salt and pepper to taste)
  3. Any sugar free cereal with semi- skimmed milk. (Small portion) or;
  4. 1 bacon or sausage (not fried but oven cooked) or;
  5. Fruit smoothies.

Lunch options

  1. Tuna salad: – mix tuna, shredded carrot, rockets, red and yellow peppers and other green leaves. Squeeze a slice of lemon. Do not add salt.
  2. Green salad: – Squeeze a slice of lemon to yellow and red peppers. Add some shredded carrots and coriander leaves. Add a pinch of sugar if you may.
  3. Mixed fruits or;
  4. Cooked chicken or fish soup. (Not ready-mades)

Snack options

I usually missed snack during the first few weeks but if you want to take it slow then options are:

  1. Bowl of fruits or;
  2. Smoothies; or
  3. Sugar free/low sugar snack bars or;

Dinner options

  1. 1 piece grilled fish with lots of vegetables or;
  2. Just stir fried vegetables.
  3. Bar-B-Q 1 piece of chicken and eat with lots of vegetables. Marinate chicken piece with maggi cube, mixed herb and some chilli powder and grill or BBQ it.
  4. Light soups with 2 bread sticks or;
  5. Pitta bread with homemade curry. (See my article on simple chicken curry)

Useful Tips

  1. A glass of warm water with some lemon juice in empty stomach helps to lose weight Please remember to eat small portions.
  2. Avoid salt and sugar.
  3. Do not fast, as this may give future gastric problems.
  4. Jog or walk fast at least for 1 hour throughout the period of 10 days. Better if you join a gym and make use of the treadmill and the stepper.
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  1. Thank you your brillant

  2. thanks a lot! i will surely try this!

  3. Thanks for the good tips , I am following this new technique since today .. and I have a new advice .. in the morning it is so good to drink one glass of warm water and add one spoon of honey , this will help in cleansing your digestion system ..

    I also put alot of mustard in my salad .. mustard helps in burning fat ..

  4. Does an apple count for breakfast?

  5. i’ll try that out……..

  6. i’ll try that out……..

  7. i’ll try that out……..

  8. That’s great! I have been on weight loss regime for the past few days for some medical reasons. I guess this diet will be wonderful. I would also add that, having a very heavy breakfast triggers the metabolism for the whole day and helps in reducing fat.

  9. That’s great!i’ll try that out…

  10. ty very much. i am 61 kgs and 1.63m. i think if i manage to reach 55-56 kgs ill look & feel a lot better. ill try this out =]


  11. i feel that the best way to loose weight is not to eat anything

  12. im in love with diet!! but im breastfeeding so i may add some bread to my and tea/coffee? wat do ya think

  13. ill try this out,but ill try and lose 5 kgs in 7 days and let you know
    ok take care
    and thankyou :)

  14. Hey thanks for this looks like it would work in 10 days.
    I think i’ll give this a try!
    Thank you!!

  15. Thanks for the tips
    Ill give it a try and let you no in 10 days :)

  16. i wanna try this although im doing something simila

  17. i am sorry to say but i guess it’s not the right way to lose weight coz the moment u start eating normally (which the diet u have prescribed is not), u r going to put on weight as quickly as u lost it. So the best way is to eat the right things- fruits, vegetables, etc and leaving out pastries, cakes, burgers, pizza, etc
    i was 89 kgs on 5 nov 2008 and on 10 jan 2009 i weighed 78 kgs. my target is 72 kgs and the only changes i made were joining a gym and doing cardio and weight training on alternate days and eating the right things as much as i needed, till i was full.

  18. well my wgt is 82kgs n i need 2 loose a lot of weight. my sis geting maried i need 2 luk gud. if its posible 2 loose 5kgs in 10 days it wud b realy gr8. iwil try n use these tips…. but u sure dis wud work?? n is it lyk realy posible for me 2 become not realy realy slim but atleast normal??… n does ur diet help us loosing inches too??… cuz sumtyms ur weight goes down but ur inches does not hav much changes… reply asap

  19. the tip about the one glass of warm water and lemon really works and have it before each meal. a whole grapefruit with your meals is a great too dont forget to also have 8 glasses of water a day. think about it you are more than 8 hours a day up so why not drink a glass each hour. you will fit more than 8 i bet and also eat less coz you are so full on the water. Good Luck!!!
    P>S> add 1 hour on the tread at 5kms plus,the weight will drop off and use the menu listed above.

  20. hey how many calories does this diet add up to?

  21. ill try the tuna salad and water wiv lemon dressing i dunno bout the musturd thou ill put a lil so yeh and on the last 2 daiiz ill just stop eatin

  22. can i hav rice for lunch?

  23. are u serious jsut 1 hour of joggin round the 10 days please repkly

  24. Great information, and well done for losing the weight :)


  25. thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh i will try it surly

  26. Well no you should eat something eating nothing is verry bad for you!!! So eat well but just try not to eat too much.

  27. hope it works i am 63 kgs and i am 164 cm
    i am hoping to lose 8 kgs in 1 month.wishing it will work!!!!!!!

  28. How much weight do you lose from dis

  29. Hey
    Thanks for the diet plan . I will try it out and let you know whether it worked for me. I start it from tomorow .

    Thank you!

  30. OMG it worked i lost 5 pounds in a week thankkkk yoooouuuu soooooooooooooooooooo much

  31. hi i try tomorow

  32. protein only will always let one lose weight – much like the Dukan diet!

  33. i think its effective, i agree with it

  34. I weigh 59kg and 173cm hoping to get to 53kg just dont really have the will power but ill try :)

  35. I am 71kg and looking to get back to 63kg goal
    I will try this :-)

  36. thank u soo much.

  37. does this really works i am in try to lose 10 in a month will try



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