How to Lose Weight at Home, in One Day, Without Doing Anything!

This is a guide on how to lose weight in day doing absolutely nothing.

That’s right people, you can lose weight at home, in one day, without doing anything. That means no exercising, no dieting, no nothing. All you have to do is eat WHATEVER you want, only in the morning’s and lunch time. Don’t eat past 5:00 p.m. I know it sounds bad you won’t have dinner, but think of all the weight you’re going to be losing! Seriously, I lost 2 pounds in a day this way! I swear! Just try it and see what works for you! This will soon become a famous way to become thinner everyday, and you’ll be the first people to try it! So what are you waiting for? Go eat! 5:00 is almost here.


You cannot exceed more than 3 meals.

Wait about 3 hours until you eat again.

If still hungry after 5:00, drink water or have a granola bar only.

Enjoy your new body!!

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  1. thanks i lost 10 pounds after doing this i didn’t even exrcise but it was hard not to eat past 5:00 but at least it works and thanks agian.

  2. thanks for sticking to it, i told you it would work!

  3. cool I’ll try it.

  4. this good

  5. This is awesome I’ma try it tomorrow:) wish me luck!

  6. This is awesome I\’ma try it tomorrow:) wish me luck!

  7. this is awesome i lost 50 ponds in a week

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