How to Vibrate Your Fat Away!

The world’s most infamous Agony Aunt reveals how she lost her weight and gained her health. It all started with a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine.

The world infamous Agony Aunt to the stars, major and minor celebrities and people like you reveals how she lost her excess weight and gained her rude good health. Read more about Wilma Proops on her website and blog. Click here or Google “Wilma Proops” for more inspiration.

An Interview with Wilma Proops

“I was in a terrible rut. I was working up to fourteen hours a day, sat in front of my computer at home. I got up in the morning, made coffee, sat down and started. The only other things I did apart from work was sleep, watch television and eat. I developed a passion for tiramisu. This passion was massive and so was my slob’s appetite. I could eat a family size tiramisu on most days.

I could scrub up well if necessary and I learnt to wear loose fitting clothes. Despite this I was very unhappy with the way I looked. Not only this, there was no way out of it. I was locked into a downward spiral and there didn’t seem to be a way out. Everyday saw me less able to cope and turn my life around. I needed to start to exercise (like I had in the past) but the eating and sedentary lifestyle was making this less and less possible.

My Daughter Saved My Life!

Then my daughter bought a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine and my life changed for the better. Exercising on the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine took hardly any effort. I just had to stand on or sit on it. I did both to make my daughter laugh in the first instance. You can read about this in my famous article Wobble Your Fat Away (click to read it).

The Vibration Plate Exercise machine changed my life. It shook me and woke me up. I started using it ten minutes every other day. Soon I was using it ten minutes every day but I was also going out for walks and for swims, I was making time for myself. I was working less hours but (because these hours were more productive) I didn’t make less money. I was also laughing again.

I am in no doubt that the Vibration Plate Exercise Machine changed my life. What is more, I am convinced that if I hadn’t started to use it I would be very ill or even dead now. My daughter definitely saved my life!

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