I Don’t Use Sugar, So Why Am I Fat?

Aspartame, Splenda and Other Artificial Sweeteners.

I hear a lot of people say, “I don’t use sugar, I use an alternative but I can’t seem to lose the weight.” Well if you’re using ant of the above products you wont!

Companies needed a non-calorie product that they could market as a diet product to help you lose weight. They also needed to make sure that they could make there profits sore so the made it addicting. They also needed to have a long shelf life of ten to fifteen years so that don’t have to worry about it soiling. This would insure the profits.

Why can’t you lose weight?

Artificial sweeteners are created to be chemically and physically addicting. These sweeteners act like a drug similar to heroin and cocaine so that if you don’t get your fix

You will begin to feel bad and depressed and need more.

These products confuse your system and begin to collect in your body and can even begin to affect your bones. They can cause constipation and other series  side affects. And have been known to cause ADD and other problems in children.

The best thing is to stay away from any of these products and if you really need some to use try steava, xylitol, honey or organic sugar. You can use these in moderation and still lose weight in a healthy manner.

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  1. Interesting article.

  2. Ur article is very nice. I like to use sugar on my foods though i know that is harmful. I think i should stop using excess sugar.

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