Increase Metabolism to Burn Calories

Increase Metabolism to Burn Calories.

It is a popular thinking that reducing the calorie intake could itself help in reducing weight and fat. But that is not the case. Of course you need to reduce the calorie intake but along with that exercise is necessary to burn the calories.

When we reduce the amount of food intake, our body also starts to relax, the metabolism drops as now lesser amount of food needs to be processed. This makes the fat burning process slow and so you might notice that your weight isn’t dropping as expected.

In order to keep the metabolism high, it is necessary that we give our body some work to do. So put on those shoes and go for a walk or running. Don’t concentrate on just one area for reducing fat. Concentrate on overall fitness.

We cannot fight genes. But we can surely stay healthy and fit.

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  1. this article is short but dense and clear

  2. I naturally have a high metablosim. great article

  3. Great increasement

  4. Thank you for reminding me that I should do better :-)

  5. Yeah. I need to walk!

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