Just 2 Steps To Lose Tummy Fat!

2 simple steps to lose excess tummy fat!

If you’ve been following my weight loss post, here you’ll know that I have yet another technique to lose weight via tummy fat WITHOUT involving the ‘dreaded’ diet fuss.

This next regimen is called ‘Breath Your Tummy In’. Don’t be afraid by the name. It’s a very simple procedure which can be accomplished by anyone and anywhere as long as he/she is walking.

While walking:

  1. Try breathing in hard but not that hard.
  2. While you’re breathing in, contract your tummy inwards.
  3. Exhale.
  4. Contract your tummy outwards.

That’s it!

Let me explain why by performing this simple procedure you’re able to lose excess tummy fat. Every time when you perform this procedure you’re actually burning tummy fat! It’s a very simple exercise without you thinking you’re doing it.

Come on, let’s BREATH YOUR TUMMY IN now.

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  1. just that how long will it take to lose weight

  2. Adriana, ahh you will just have to try out and see.

    Susie, no you don’t have to do it 24-7. Just do it a few minutes each day…like your regular exercise. And you don’t have to breath in so hard. Just you know that when you’re exhaling and inhaling, you’re moving your tummy.

  3. ok so thats sounds great but i am not too sure how effective it will eb and in how long we will be able to see the results

  4. I like this. . .It does actually work while walking.

  5. Well i have serious question .. after my second child brith i have gained alot of weight and fat in my hips .. and this is bothering me ALOT , i need to lose so much fat in my stomach and hips ,,so does this technique help in burning fat in hips and stomach ?? ..

  6. Im trying it this very moment.
    But is it only me but is it hard to do anything elese while doing that?
    Because if im not concentrating enought i cant seam to get it
    maybe i should just give up and die my hair blonde now

  7. does it worrrrk?!

  8. will it help? doesnt seem promising..

  9. its a month after my ceasarian brth and my tummy’s still bulgng. would breathing in and out help?

  10. I guess this method only help if you have tummy fat. For after birth, I don’t think it will help a lot. You have to try other tummy exercise such as sit up, etc.

  11. mm.. sounds lyk a gd idea bt am not 2 sure.. how long till i strt 2 see real changes in my tummy..?? CB

  12. this wont necessary BURN body fat, but it will help tone ALOT (i did it while losing weight, and still do)

  13. doesnt sound promising

  14. yes, it works.. it worked with 3 of my friends where i was stuck in the gym.. its a bit slow process but if done correctly.. you can see results quick. I recommend to do it early morning when you wake up from sleep.

  15. while doing excercise at gym, i am taking breathing in as long as possible for one start – and while processing i am slowly slowly doing inhale and exhale at last of that excersise , i do exhale is it work? or is it ok to do? or should not do?

  16. I cant see just how affective this is going to be. I only want to loose my tummy fat. Surely sit ups are more affective

  17. this exercise is simply getting you to contract your abs. the SAME THING you do with crunches, sit-ups, some pilates work, etc. SO, do it! and balanced with a healthy diet, you should see results

  18. stupid. diet and exercise are the ONLY ways to lose fat. this may tone and develop muscle, but if you do not lose BODY FAT the increase in muscle under the fat will make your gut appear even BIGGER.

  19. does it take a long time to see the difference?

  20. This is a very traditional technique of YOGA and it is very helpful. YOGA is not a quick fix program, it takes time, it takes commitment, dedication and one should be able to put the body through some hard work…….

  21. does it work??
    actually m not fat but hv got a slight tummy
    so cn i loose it withing 8 days wid this exercise??

  22. This sounds like a quick fix. You shouldn’t just rely on breathing in and out. What I recommend is:

    1. Cut out Junk food COMPLETELY. No rewards because you tend to over-reward yourself.
    2. Eat healthful foods: Salad with-out dressing (Lots of salad)… Green tea… LEAN meats; chicken, turkey. NO Hotdogs or Hamburgers.
    3. 70% of the effort should be in your diet. Eat 6 small meals a day to maintain your metabolism. Don’t eat 3 hours before going to bed.
    4. Coordinate a program of weightlifting and cardio. Don’t worry, it’s not easy for women to get big (that is the biggest concern). I know it takes men countless hours a day, and 4000 calorie diets to get bigger and even then trying to MAINTAIN that weight is a challenge. Muscle burns more fat, so if you speed up your metabolism through cardio, keep it up by eating smaller portions more often, and gain some muscles, you WILL see fat loss. It wont happen overnight. My estimate on average is 6 months. But it is the only way for long tern fat loss.

  23. Let me try this exercise …….If it works i would be thankful to you…day by day my tummy is increasing…..

  24. im going to try walking.. when do you think its the best time to walk???

  25. Sounds great and easy!
    So how will you need to that, before you can feel any Difference?

  26. I’m 15 and weigh 11 stone
    but my only probelm is my tummy
    its so falbii
    will this work then ?

  27. The best time to walk is after a meal. Normally we’ll feel tired after meal ya? We’ll be sitting down watch tv, etc. It’s no good for the tummy.

  28. hi i like this exercise but not sure if it will work for me
    my problem is im on xenical which stops fat absorbing into my tummy but ive lost 3 stone in 5 months only trouble now i cant bare to see myself due to flabby tummy where ive lost weight im on low fat foods like weight watchers and salads too i used to be 16stone 2 lb im now 13 stone i also use the wii fit any onther exercise for tummys please i need help??

  29. what the hell!! this could take 4ever and it isnt even working
    this is sooooo whatever

  30. hi my waiste was 32 but now its 38 and i want to reduce my weight by one month as it is very necessary for me to reduce my weight.So is this excersice enough for me or can you suggest one more, even after doing this.

  31. my weight is 52 kg n my height is 5.3 … my problem is fat on my tummy..wat should i do..i do treadmill for 20 mins in which i 2 km..telme the diet n excercise in which i lose fat in a week..

  32. I really do like your method,right now I’m waist size 28 but my fear is how to return to shape after child birth

  33. Gonna try and I’ll let you know how it goes. x

  34. good try..
    i would be interested to try it out.

  35. i need to get rid of my tummy fat fast..
    i hate my big tummy. makes me feel so low all the time :(

  36. I hate my big tummy. makes me feel so low all the time :(

  37. such bollox

  38. you need to take one warm glass of water with one lemonand one spoon of honey in the early morining beore breakfast(atleast half an hr before ) and the same in the evening .go for crunches (20 times) i donot consider threadmill is very good option for tummy fat. reduce your intakes to half .and go for rope skiping…..

  39. hey reddy

    *things should be balanced in life and there should be punctuality in everything. to reduce weight all you need to is JOGGING . start it from 10 min to 15 min.(up to 18 minutes your body reduces the calories of what you have eaten in that day above 18 minutes the stored fat would start melting) increase it to hald and hr and then up to 35 minutes .once you are able to go for jogging up to 35 minutes then INCREASE THE SPEED . and stay urself at 35 minutes . this is the best excercise . try it (remember patience is the key to success).

  40. all you people need to do is to avoid bakery food including salty and sweets . avoid to eat from outside . stick to house kitchen.
    play badminton or table tennis. inhaling ur tummy inside and out side is just one step. it will only work when you will be doing it up to 100 yimes a days . that too much hard to do . so go for others what i hhave told you .

  41. take salads in lunch time cucumber and tomato. eat alot
    avoid vegetables like qualiflower ,potatoes,peas and sweets to eat .
    go for a dance atleast 20 minutes in a day .
    find healthy activites . donot sit too much infron of tv or computer. go for physical activites(badminton etc)

  42. hey seen, i was wondering. If i started jogging everyday for 1 hour a day will i be fit? And another thing, does jogging actually build up muscles or just burn fat?

    Thanks, cheers.

  43. Hi, I’m only 15 but weigh 60 kilograms and I a very big stomach. I do not eat anything except fruits and vegetables and I also exercise. Still I dont loose weight. Why is that so? And what should I do?

    Read more:

  44. Drink a lot of vegetable juice such as this one:-

    3 brocoli florets
    2 celery stick including leaves
    1 gala apple (green)
    ginger, cilantro,
    1 handful spinach

    mix all ingredients in a blender and drink at the same time.
    Do this in the morning on an empty stomach and before bed.

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