Keeping Yourself Healthy While Pumping Iron

A fantastic way to keep yourself healthy and not get fat while bulking up and gain quality muscle.

We all want to look good for summer,who ever says differently they are lying,honest they are.I am the same I would always say that,it does not bother me about the summer coming,but,every year around this time March/April I get the itch to train and what do I end up doing?Training I am on the weights,I cycle i’m lucky we live about 3 to 4 miles from a beach so it’s ideal me and the wife cycle to the beach,and back in the evenings.But the biggest mistake people do is try and put on to much weight to quickly,like I have touched on in my other article this time I will go a little bit deeper into it and talk about supplements.

There is honestly no point in spending money on supplements unless you are going to train hard as well,like the old saying goes,taking supplements without training only gives you expensive urine,and that is true.You have to train,a friend of mine who was my training partner back in the day,competed at quite a few Bodybuilding shows in the late 1980’s and I remember one show vividly,the british grand prix pro/am.He was entered in the amateur class and the standard was high,he trained hard,and I was his coach getting him in shape.Five months before that show he weighed in at a hefty 22stones or 308pounds,because he had an injury so he had been off the weights for quite a while,anyway we had a big show to do so we went for it.This was his biggest show back then,he had qualified at a regional qualifier,so he had to be in shape for this show or we would have been a laughing stocks to all.He had to get down from 22stones or 308pounds right down to 16and a half stones or 231pounds to get into his class.

At the beginning we sat down and put a plan together and it was a plan we did not waver from at all,not even waver the slightest bit we did not.For the first month we kept everything in the training basic and heavy,and I mean heavy,like 400pounds to 450pounds bench presses for 6reps,500pounds to 600 pounds squats for 6reps,250pounds to 300pounds for 8 reps bicep curls.Deadlifts up to 800pounds for 2 reps,in all the exercises we began lighter and increased the weight as we moved on in the exercise,so eg bench press started at 180pounds warm up and worked up.You all know what I mean,once warmed up properly with working the abs,and getting on the static bike we would start on the lifting.No cheats at all during this time,throughout the training,we kept everything ultra strict,though sometimes we could only manage 2 reps for certain body parts due to fatigue.We allowed no movement at all through the spinal column of  the back when doing bicep curls we would go as far as using a bench or board so as not to move.

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