Kilojoule Counting to Lose Weight

Easiest Way to Manage Weight – not complex, not time consuming. Save your own life and lose weight the safest way.

It’s like riding a bike.

Do you wish you never learned to ride a bike?

Or learned to swim?

Or learned to use a computer, or play a guitar or drive a car????

Of course not.

You persisted.

You learned, and now you would need a bl88dy great wollop on the head to make you forget how to do any of these tasks. You learned, you practiced and pretty soon you mastered it and now you don’t even need to think about it.

Think back – when you were learning to drive a car, you were nervous, panicky. You had to learn how to multi-task. Drive, turn the wheel, use the accelerator, change gears, watch for traffic, watch the speedometer, check mirrors, use the brake – FAR OUT! How did you manage it all???

Fast-forward to today and you probably read maps, talk on the phone, put on make-up or shave, eat, drink, chew gum, and no doubt there are other unmentionable things people do…

Point is:

If you mastered driving a car and now do it without thinking, imagine just how life changing it would be for you to master the very simple act of Kilojoule (calorie) counting. You could soon be just mentally ticking off the kJ content of every day foods and knowing in an instant how many kJs you’re getting in your diet. You could be seconds – minutes – away from saving your life and losing weight.

YOU could save your own life – or that of your spouse, your children and other loved ones. You could start to lose weight sooner than later, and feel better.

Just by learning the easiest known method of diet management for weight loss.

Here are some easy steps to follow for getting on top of your diet and losing weight and keeping it off.

1. Get a Kilojoule – calorie counting book. One that includes store bought foods, take away and regular grocery foods. They are available on line and also in good book stores.

2. Keep a diary of what you eat. Make it simple, just write down in a note book what you eat for a day’s diet, and do this for a week – 7 days of your diet eating habits is a good cross section. Note how much (1 cup, 3 slices, 2 nibbles, half a pizza, 3 burgers, 2 potatoes). You’re not aiming to weigh and be precise at this stage. Just a good estimate of your diet.

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