Kim Kardashian Diet Plan

Kim Kardashian weight loss, diet pills and workout diet are not a secret anymore.

There is no doubt that Reality show star Kim Kardashian is equipped with nice and seductive body curves, but to win over other famous women she helped people by sharing her exercise and diet plan.

Kim has recently lost weight in the abdomen and thighs, but she managed to keep the volume of her background.

She also received the award, the World’s Best Bum 2010, which grants by Maxim magazine, she received the award in a tight shiny dress that gave her qualities really stand out.

Famous derriere Jennifer Lopez comes on the second position and singer Beyonce Knowles placed on third place and fourth position went to actress Jessica Biel.

Now come at the point and have a look at Kim Kardashian’s Diet Plan.


One Fried egg two times in a weak, banana shake and peanut butter with veggie powder are regular food items.


Russian salad with iced tea.


A single piece of a burger or pizza, 2 cups broccoli, 6 ounces pesto with grilled salmon and 50g brown rice.


Sugar cookies, sliced apple with 1 tablespoon chunky peanut butter


For a complete overview of Kim Kardashian diet,  exercises and workout kindly purchase her DVD from Amazon or you can view low quality videos for free on the Youtube. 

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  1. I’ll pass…

  2. Sure

  3. It doesn’t sound like the best diet, but if it works for her then that is fine.

  4. Yes, right, but her workout DVD surly a helpful lesson

  5. Interesting diet plan! I don’t really take on diet plan s cause i find them too hard to stick to!

  6. Do you mean to say this is what she takes every day? That must be boring for the cute girl.

  7. @dan man7, same here

  8. @SHILAHO JIMMY, I agree

  9. interesting diet…

  10. yes

  11. A person should eat a healthy diet and not too much of it and they will never need to go on a fad diet.

  12. This is interesting. She doesn’t seem like she eats that much on this diet. It is good that it is working for her. Thanks for sharing.

  13. @Ruby Hawk, well said

  14. @CA Johnson, you are welcome

  15. Where to buy DVD for Kim Kardashian Diet Plan

  16. Can I get Kim kardashian photos

  17. I know Kim Kardashian used macrobiotic diet

  18. She looks cool with a big ass, love you Kim Kardashian

  19. This is a stupid diet plan

  20. She is a nasty girl

  21. pretty and sexy, but I’m not familiar with her… this plan is good for her, but for me, thanks but no thanks, haha.

  22. Just as long as she doesnt lose too much weight if you follow me :-)

  23. thanks for sharing

  24. good share

  25. Nice share

  26. Nice share

  27. @SowmyaT, thanks dear

  28. @jemialbert , many thanks

  29. @albert1jemi, you are welcome

  30. @Jerry Atrixx, lol very funny

  31. @Starpisces, sue not for you

  32. @Loly, yes she admit it

  33. @Danny, not really

  34. @Celebrity, yes her ass is very attractive and seductive for men

  35. @Bebo , what is that?

  36. @Kim, don’t you see above

  37. @Paul, go to Amazon or Ebay

  38. Kim must try to sell something else

  39. like what? Sell sex

  40. Is this diet working for her? I must say this doesn’t sound healthy.

  41. Why would someone want a big fat ass?

  42. Why would someone want a big fat ass?
    One Fried egg two times “in” a “weak”
    did Kim spell that?, dumb must be in her diet.

  43. lol

  44. What exactly is a Russian salad? Never heard of it before.

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