Lose Weight 100 Calories at a Time

This is not a diet, it is a permanent change in how you relate to food.

Lose Weight 100 Calories at a Time

One way of attaining long term sustained weight lose, all you have to do is eliminate 100 calories from your diet.  There is no need to do raw food diet, mainly protein Atkins diet, or one of the latest fads the Mediterranean diet. Just slowly change your diet 100 calories at a time.

According to the University of California Wellness Center, Americans gain an average of 2 pounds a year. That boils down to 19 calories a day. Just 19, that is drinking one too many glasses of whole milk. That is a mid-afternoon sweet crazing.  To halt this progression all one needs to do is stop having that morning donut, every day. Small changes will result in a healthier, lighter you. 100 calories a day results in a weight loss of 10.43 pounds in a year. This is for long term weight loses.

So how does one lose 100 calories a day? Eliminate that afternoon soda drink, and replace it with water. No extra cheese on your pizza. There are tons of ways of eliminating 100 calories. The most effective way is to change some of the things you are a currently eating with a healthier choice, nuts or carrots instead of candy. Skip that extra helping of dessert at dinner. You could also increase the amount of calories you burn a day. So sun salutations in the morning, stairs instead of the elevator to name a few.

Just a hundred calories.

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