Lose Weight And Body-Fat By Taking L-Glutamine Instead of L-Carnitine

I wanted to do my own study comparing the use of L-Glutamine Vs. L-Carnitine on myself. I’ve always heard about the benefits of both, but which was going to help me lose more body-fat over the other, and which is more cost effective?

I have written about the benefits of L-Glutamine before, but I wanted to give credit for the supplement that helped me get cut and more ripped. You can read that other article listed below for more details on how to use it. When I used it for my fat burn purposes, I didn’t research it much, here’s all I did:

* I didn’t change a thing I was doing with my workouts.

* I took 2,000mg(2 x 1,000mg capsules) early morning on an empty stomach, followed by 20 minutes of LISS(Low Intensity Steady State – easy walking – Find more information on LISS below).

* Then, I had my first meal of the day.

It was as simple as that! Everyone wanted to know what I was doing, and even I couldn’t believe a simple supplement can do this. I couldn’t keep my pants from falling down! It was amazing how the fat was melting off my body. I was also getting my money’s worth. I was getting 120 capsules(double that of L-Carnitine), and I was saving about $6 per bottle too.

I’m glad I tried these two supplements as I did, so I’d know the “real” difference between the two, and have the first hand knowledge to suggest it to others. L-Glutamine, is what made the difference I was looking for in my body. I lost a great deal of weight years ago that I put on as a teenager, but I still wanted to burn more body-fat. I was going by the theory that holding onto muscle, which L-Glutamine does, would do its job of burning body-fat. It seemed logical to me and when I put it to the test, it worked.

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