Lose Weight Can be Thought Through..

The whole world is directed toward the proper nutrition, but what if you want to lose weight, but on the lettuce and tomatoes are not in the mood? Psychologists believe that losing weight should start with the head. That is, mentally…

To start firmly decide why you lose weight, how many pounds you want to lose and to any number you want to become a happy possessor in good shape. Answer these questions as thoroughly and honestly, and best of all write down all their thoughts on paper.

Diet – stress to the organism, which means that it must involve new beautiful clothes, careful care and positive thoughts.

Well-known Japanese writer Haruki Murakami in his book said: “The body – a satellite of the soul. They can live for years next to and only then learn to understand each other.” In other words, if you are concerned about, if your thoughts do not know the rest, your body will never be perfect. No wonder the specialists of feng-shui say that our thoughts are material.

Before you sit down on a diet, you need to learn to understand your body. Try to talk to your body. For example, in the morning. Do not hurry to start a new day and jump out of bed. Lie a little bit and talk, yes, yes, with my body. Ask what would like to eat your stomach, how to arrange a bath in the evening and how to pamper your skin. Then dance under your favorite music, cook a tasty breakfast and smile for the upcoming day.

Wear your favorite clothes and carefully consider myself in the mirror. Do not pick holes in, do not worry about the extra weight or acne. Love yourself, not separately, as a whole. Draw the shape you want, or cut her image from the magazine. Place the picture on the most prominent and are suited to it, once an idea about food.

If the hands are automatically pulled into the mouth any food, Keep a small notebook and write in it all the thoughts that occur before you send a piece in your mouth.

With a notebook, you can track the moments in which you want to eat. After analyzing the records, you will realize that you push to the refrigerator – hunger or loneliness and desire to change the situation.

Do not forget to praise yourself, please tasty food and emotions. Find an occupation that pleases you as well as food. Well, if it be dancing or playing sports. At the same time and lose weight, and a pleasant thing will take. More positive and pounds will be less. Checked.

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