Lose Weight Naturally and Safely

A simple procedure in loosing weight which is very safe and natural as there will be no pills intake or surgery to be done.

A lot of people are crazy to lose weight nowadays, they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to buy weight loss programs, diet pills, up to the extent of undergoing surgery just to be in shape. They haven’t thought of the risk on their health if the program they availed is not through natural means. A couple of years back I heard from the news about an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who died due to liposuction, which is the worst to happen.

My Dad was an avid listener of the late Ernie Baron who was a TV weatherman and a radio broadcaster in his program Knowledge Power. He was also referred to as a “walking encyclopedia” due to his vast knowledge of various topics under the sun. Here is one from the many contributions of the late Ernie Baron, his cleansing diet, which is very effective in losing weight and at the same time eliminating the toxins of the body.

The program is to be done in 7 days

Day 1 – 3

All food intake should not be cooked and must be eaten raw. This include fruits and raw vegetables. They should be taken in solid form and lots of water.

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Day 4 – 6 

Still no cooked food. All the fruits and raw vegetables to be liquefied from a juicer or a blender. Everything should be pure, do not add sugar and do not eat them in solid form. Don’t forget to take lots of water as well.

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Day 7

This is the last day of the diet. Do not take anything except water only. 

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Please bear in mind that this is not a medicine that would give results right away. This can be done on a regular basis, could be once in a month or once every two months, depends on how strong the individual’s resistance to the palate tempting cooked food. There is no danger as well since the food intake are all natural, no chemicals or preservatives added. It will not only help you back in shape but it will also detoxify the body and resolve other health issues.

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  1. great way to lose weight

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