Lose Weight with an Xbox Kinect-the Best Four Kinect Fitness Games

Have you recently bought an Xbox Kinect and do you want to lose weight. Here are the best Kinect games for weight loss.

Are you wanting to lose weight using your Xbox Kinect? If so here are the best fitness games to help you tone up those saggy muscles, burn calories and lose weight.

You need to burn at least 3500 calories to lose 1 pound, so if you want to lose one pound a week you need to average 500 calories daily. Fortunately there are some fun kinect fitness games to help you burn 500 calories daily. Some of the games even count your calories burnt and help you keep track of how many calories you have eaten.  Here are the 4 best Kinect fitness games so far, I say so far because the Kinect is rather new and there are not too many games released as yet.

The Ultimate Loser the biggest workout is a great fitness game for Kinect users.  It features two trainers to help you work through a variety of different exercises. You can even make up your own workouts or use the ones already programmed into the game. You can also cook the preset healthy recipes to further help you lose weight.

If you love dancing to get fit there are a few great kinect dance games including Dance Central and DanceMasters. Certain types of dancing burn more calories than others but these games will tell you how many calories you have burnt. You can even learn to dance like Lady Gaga so the next time one of her hits comes on you will be King or Queen of the dancefloor. Dance games are some of the best fun Kinect fitness games to help you lose weight.

If you like playing sports games to get fit, the Kinect has a few fitness sports games which are highly rated. The best of these is EA Sports Active 2, which features a range of different sports and games.

Read more about the best Kinect fitness games to help you lose weight and tone those muscles below.

Best Kinect fitness and weight loss games

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