Lose Weight with Leaf Vegetables

Leaf vegetables, are the best foods that will help us decrease our calorie intake in a safe way, as they are low in calories, high in nutrients and contain no unhealthy fats. Therefore leaf vegetables are the best thing that you can do for your body.

Leaf vegetables are also known as leafy greens, green vegetables, or potherbs. But no matter what you call them, they still contain the same amount of valuable nutrients that can help you to lose weight.


Leaf vegetables contain a high amount of antioxidants which help to remove free radicals from your body at a cellular level. Free radicals are very harmful to the body and can cause oxidative stress which also contributes to weight gain.

Without proper nutrients, the body is unable to neutralize the free radicals so that they can be eliminated. So the body wraps them up in fat cells and moves them away from the organs to try and keep them safer so they can at least continue to function. However, these fat cells can cause you to gain unwanted weight, which in turn can cause many other diseases.

High in Nutrients

Leaf vegetables are not only high in antioxidants but they are also high in essential nutrients such as chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. All these work together to restore the nutrients that your body is lacking. When your body lacks nutrients you cannot lose weight effectively.

Some of the nutrients that are contained in leaf vegetables are vitamins A, C, K, B vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, dietary fiber, and small amounts of omega fatty acids.

Dietary fiber will help to clean out your digestive system, so that your bowels can begin to function regularly again. Once your bowel movements are more frequent you will notice that you have more energy. This is because your body now no longer has to focus on eliminating food from the digestive tract, thus it results in more energy.

Additionally, it speeds up your metabolism so that the foods you eat are converted into energy much quicker, and thus you will have more energy for exercise and other activities.

Low in Nutrient-Rich Calories

We all know that in order to lose weight, we must reduce our intake of calories. Leaf vegetables, are the best foods that will help us decrease our calorie intake in a safe way, as they are low in calories, high in nutrients and contain no unhealthy fats. Therefore leaf vegetables are the best thing that you can do for your body.

We live in a day and age where we count calories, and we think that if we obtain a certain amount of calories, we will somehow obtain all the nutrients that we need. In a way this is essential if you are on the American Standard Diet, as your body will not know when to stop eating. But when you count calories, you will know exactly when to stop, even though your body still wants more.

But did you know that your body does not thrive on calories? Rather it thrives on essential vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients.

So the amount of calories really does not determine whether or not your body will be satisfied after your meal. Your tummy may feel full, but your body might not be happy, and therefore you still crave for food. When you eat leaf vegetables as the main part of your diet, then you do not have to count calories, as your body will let you know when it is satisfied. Thus your food cravings are eliminated and you can begin to lose weight.

How to Incorporate Leaf Vegetables into Your Diet

Adding leaf vegetables does not have to be a challenge. However, if you are not used to them you may not enjoy the bitter and odd tastes that many of these have. Therefore it can be a challenge if you do not know how to add them in without having to taste the bitterness.

The best way to add them to your diet is with raw smoothies. Simply take your favorite sweet fruits like bananas, pears or mangoes and then blend them together with leaf vegetables. Start off with more fruit, and then slowly work your way up to drinking green smoothies, where you have little or no fruit. Another thing that you can do is sweeten them with a natural sweeteners like stevia, honey, or agave nectar.

You can make green salads to eat as snacks or as meals. Almost everyone loves Caesar salads, and if that includes you, start eating lots of those. Then slowly start adding in more and more varieties of greens, and before you know it you will love them.

Leaf Vegetables

Some of the leaf vegetables to add to your diet are kale, collards, bok choy, beet greens, endives, lettuce, spinach, turnip greens and onion greens.

You will begin to see weight loss results within a few days of eating leaf vegetables, as they go to work immediately after entering the body.

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  1. This is a very true article. I have been doing the P90X workout and running miles each day, but my six pack is a few short. (32 years old)

    I started changing my diet and now I am starting to see the results I was seeking. (2 weeks)


    Organic Greens!

    Eric P

  2. Its amazing what the diet can do for you…and yeah organic is the best…but my little town can’t afford organic yet…

    Thanks for stopping by!

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