Losing Weight by Reducing Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is the number one cause of obesity in America. Recognize the effects of refined sugar and learn how to cut it out of your diet to live longer healthier lives.

To lose weight and live longer healthier lives we must reduce refined sugar in our diets.

Refined Sugar is the number one cause for obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes in America. Scientists have known this for decades. Yet, the FDA is doing little to nothing in warning us of the dangers of refined sugar. The cost to society are much greater than the cost for people being addicted to cigarettes or alcohol. 

Let’s review a few facts. Prior to the 20th century the average american consumed about 5 pounds of refined sugar per year. In 1890 heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity were virtually unknown. Today the average american consumes about 135 pounds of refined sugar per year. Now heart disease, cancer and diabetes  are the three most prevalent and deadly diseases in America.

How did this happen? Did people start eating more “sweets”.   Maybe.  Are eating more junk foods?  Yes. We are also eating more fast food and microwaveable instant foods. All of this contributes to us consuming more and more refined sugar. The fact is that refined sugar is used as a food additive ten times more than the 2600 other food additives combined. This does not include salt which is a far distant second.

To reduce refined sugars from our diets we must first recognize them. They are the “oses” listed on the ingredient labels of the food packages. Sucrose, Fructose, Glucose, Dextrose, Maltose and Lactose make up refined or processed sugars. Any time you see these you know you are getting refined sugar and they should be eliminated from your diet.

Natural sugars are found in fresh fruit and raw vegetables. They are also found in grains, seeds, nuts and beans. By eating more of these we are getting the sugar that our bodies need.

In addition to reading labels we need to use less table sugar, eat less “fast food” and eat less “instant food”. Finally, limit the sweets and other known  foods high in sugar and calories.

This is not a special diet but just watching what you eat. By reducing the refined sugars we eat and replacing them with fresh fruit, raw vegetables, seeds, grains, nuts and beans we will lose weight, reduce our chances of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

By follow these tips we will live longer healthier lives.

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